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Four hundred and ninty six

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How many eyelids do a camel have on each eye?


How many eyelids do camel have on each eye?


How many eyelids does a duck have on each eye?

They have 3 eyelids; snapple fact :)

How many eyelids does a frog have on each eye?


How many eyelids does a pigeon have?

One for each eye.

How many eyelids do birds have on each eye?


How many eyelids does a owl have on each eye?


How many eyelids does a camels have on each eye?


How many eyelids does a saltwater crocodile have on each eye?

How many eye lids does a salt water crocodile have on each eye?

How many eye lids dose a camel have and why?

they have 3 eyelids so that they dont get sand in their eyes in the desert!

Why does a camel have three eyelids per eye?

- The camels' eyes are specially protected by three eyelids on each eye, this helps protect from howling winds which can gust sand into their eyes, the extra eyelids help protect against the blazing sun, and stops them from going blind.

How many eyelids do rabbits have?

Six, three on each eye.

How many eye lids do camels have?

A Camel has two sets of eyelids. The often used during sandstorms Camels have 3 layers of eyelids to protect them from sandstorms and the sun.

How many eyelids does a horse have?

A horse has 3 eyelids on each eye an Upper, Lower and Inner eyelid

How many eyelids do horses have?

They only have two one on each eye

What animals have 3 eye lids?

camel has 3 eyelids for protection from sand storms and dust.

Do alligators have two eyelids?

Yes. They have two eyelids in order to protect each eye.

How do eyelids work?

Eyelids protect the eye surface from injury, light, and the environment. They spread tears over the eye with each blink to keep eyes moisturized.

How many eyelids do camels have?

6 - two upper, two lower and two third eye lids. The third eyelid is under the lower lid and serves like a windshield wiper to clear the cornea when the camel blinks. Camels actually have three eyelids! Two of them have lashes, and the third is thin. Camels have three eyelids per eye so they have six eyelids total. The extra eyelids help protect it from sandstorms. The third eyelid is translucent (they can see through it) so their eyes will be covered during sandstorms.

How many sets of eye lashes does a camel have?

a camel has three sets of eylashes

Are eyelids organs?

Eyelids are accessories of the eye. They are not organs.

What kind of eye lashe did camel have?

camel have one eye lash

What protects the eye?

The eyelids

What protects your eye?

your eyelids and eyelashes

What if your eyelids go in your eye?

they can't.

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