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How many farmers in the US?

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A few

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How many farmers were there in the US in 2004?

2,846,389 2,846,389

How many people do US farmers feed?

One US farmer can feed about 129 people! AMAZING!

What farmers leave plant stalks in the field to reduce soil erosion?

Many farmers throughout agricultural areas of the US follow this practice.

How donkey useful to us?

The donkey is useful to us in many ways. Many farmers count on their donkeys to help them plow fields or transport goods.

Do farmers have farms in the US?


Who provides food for us?


Are there fenugreek farmers in US?

Yes fenugreek is grown in the US.

What were the problems for the farmers after the US Civil War?

Cattle farming was too expensive, so many farmers moved out to the Plains for crop farming. There they had trouble with high interest in the banks, unfair railroad fees, and overproduction from other farmers.

Why did Mexicans farmers dislike nafta?

Mexican farmers were not subsidized by their government; US farmers were. NAFTA allowed the subsidized US products to be sold on the Mexican market cheaper than Mexican products.

How does carabao help us?

they help farmers

Many farmers were hurt by the severe summer drought?


What did farmers learn from the Articles of Confederation?

The FARMERS is incorrect. It is the FRAMERS of the US Constitution. Please see:What did the Framers of the US Constitution learn from the Articles of Confederation?

Difference between life style of Indian farmers and US farmers?

In India, the farmers are usually ignorant or too poor to use modern technology in farming while in the US, the farmers are well equipped with modern farming instruments and other improved farming techniques. In India, the land available with an average farmer is less in comparison to that of an average US farmer. In the US there are better working conditions for men and women farmers than in India.

How do farmers sometimes affect the environment?

Farmers use pesticide and the pesticide affects the air around us

What do farmers do with there crops?

farmers sell the crops to companies and companies sell them to stores and then the stores sell them to us

What did US farmers do as a group in the 1920s?

Farmers in the US, especially wheat farmers, saw a decline in the prices paid for their crops and increased production. The higher supply had the opposite effect of what was intended, by driving prices even lower.

In the US 5 million farmers provide food for 260 Million what is the percentage?

5/260 x 100 = 1.92 % 1.92 % of the US population are farmers.

Why were the 1920s a difficult time for many farmers in the US?

Same reason the 1920s were difficult for all Americans. Alcohol was illegal. ;)

Does a farmer have to live on land to be a tenant farmer?

Not in the US, at least. With the shrinking number of farmers and more efficient farming methods, many farmers (if not most) farm at least some land that they do not live on but they are the tenant.

How farmers help us?

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What is the first farmers organization in the US?

farmer alliance

Which event caused problems for farmers in the US?


German farmers and Quakers came to what region of the US?

The German farmers and Quakers took up residence in Pennsylvania.

What did farmers grow hemp for in World War 2?

Because the US Government asked farmers to grow hemp.

How does farmers help us?

well farmers farm crops, crops=food. and we kinda need food to live