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Q: How many feathers does a bumble bee humming bird have?
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How do you tell humming birds apart?

Humming Birds come in many colors and sizes. For example, the Ruby-throated Humming Bird has green feathers

How many legs does a humming bird have?


How many times can a Humming bird flap its wing in one second?

The Humming Bird can flap its wings 600 times per second.

How many feathers?

If you mean 'how many feathers in each bird', it is said that there are about 1000 to 25000 feathers.

How many eggs can a humming bird can have?

1at a time

What color is a humming bird?

Humming birds forms in many different colours. Usually humming birds have one or more colours on them.

How many times does a humming bird flap its wings per second?

A humming bird flaps it's wings 12-90 times a second.

How many yellow feathers are on a bird if there are 18 feathers on the bird?

I want know if a bird with a yellow break on the side and brown in the middle?

How many feathers does a bird have?

The bigger a bird is, the bigger you-know-what is :)

How many babies can a humming bird have?

maybe 20 i am not sure

Do the feathers of a pigeon weigh less than the bones of a pigeon?

yes, for many flying birds, including the pigeon, the bones are filled with air sacks and hollow and are actually lighter than the feathers that cover the body ... other example is the humming bird.

What kind of baby bird has grey and white feathers?

Many species of bird fledglings have grey and white feathers.

How many feathers does a macaw have?

Each different bird has a unique amount of feathers.

Olympic rules state that a badminton bird has to have exacally how many feathers?

16 feathers

How many types of bird feathers are there?

about 5,000

How many feathers does a small bird have?

about 36 i am an bird expert but it really depends what kind of bird you have

How many times does a humming bird flap its wings an hour?

Well I can tell you that the average Humming Bird Can flap its wings 50-53 flaps a second so if you times that many flaps to the hour you'll get your answer.

Which bird has the fastest wing beat allowing it to hover in mid-air?

A humming bird, of which there are many species.

How many feathers do birds have?

It depends on how big the bird is.

Which bird has bueatiful feathers?

Many birds have beautiful feathers. Peacock Toucan Swan Pigeon

What is a slang word for humming bird penis?

I've never heard of one. Usually, slang is created to refer to something people talk about a lot -- not many people are interested in humming bird sex!

How many feathers does big bird have?

150, 624, to be precise.

Which type of bird has beautiful feathers?

Many many birds have beautiful feathers but one of the most common beautiful birds is the peacock.

How many feathers does it take to make 1 pound?

That depends on the type of feather. Feathers vary in weight depending on the type of bird and where the feather came from on the bird. To make 1 pound out of small bird feathers can easily take over 1000 feathers. To make 1 pound out of large feathers from an emu or ostrich can take around 200-500, depending on the feathers.

Is a humming bird nocturnal?

No. Many of the flowers that attract hummingbirds close at night. So do the birds.