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five hundred twenty feet five hundred twenty feet

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How does sperm get to the egg shell?

The sperm travels through the male and into the female. then it travels up the oviduct and there it meets the egg. then the sperm uses its special head to burrow into the egg.

How many feet does food travel in the average adult's digestive tract?

it travels an average of 30 feet.The food travels about 22-25 feet in the average adults' digestive system.

Where does the sperm go?

The sperm is made in the testis and when sexual intercourse happens the sperm travels through the Sperm tube, into the penis out of the penis and into the vagina it then travels into the Fallopian tube. And finally one of the sperm will meet the egg in the oviduct and fertilisation will happen then a baby will start developing.

What is the journey of the sperm?

The sperm travels from the penis into the vagina and from there it goes to the uterus to meet the egg.

What are sperm grooves?

Sperm grooves are located on the 21st segment of an earthworm. Sperm grooves are the area sperm travels through when earthworms mate.

How does sperm flow through the testicles to the urethra?

Sperm travels from the testicles to the urethra by way of the vas deferens.

Where does a sperm go?

Sperm goes thru the females body and travels thru there to the egg and creates a baby.

How many feet does a beam of light travel in one nanosecond?

A beam of light travels 5 feet in one nanosecond.

Which is bigger the sperm whale or the humpback whale?

The male Sperm whale at 67 feet is bigger then the male Humpback at 52 feet. So yes the Sperm whale is bigger.

How does sperm reach inside vagina?

Sperm travels with the help of their tails. They are implanted into the cervix. From there, the sperm will travel up through the canal to reach the embryo to fertilize.

What travels at 1088 feet per second?

Sound travels at 1,088 fps.

How many second does it take to reach 60.5 feet at 100.9 miles per hour?

Something that travels 100.9 MPH travels 147.99 feet per second. ((100.9 * 5280) / 3600). To travel 60.5 feet would take 0.41 seconds.

How many feet per seconds does light travel?

Light travels 186,282.397 miles per second. That is 983,571,056 feet per second.

What is TDM?

a TDM process the way the sperm travels to the eggs inside a female.

Why do frogs need sticky feet?

Frogs have sticky feet because, when frogs mate there sperm goes on the baby's eggs and when they hatch the sperm goes on the frogs feet.

How deep can a sperm whale dive?

A Sperm Whale Can Dive Up To 9,800 Feet Deep. (Rounding Up To 10,000 Feet)

How does the sperm travels in the women vagina?

The sperm is expelled from the penis at some pressure. It travels through the vaginal canal and up through the falopian tubes. Ofcourse it all depends on the ammount of pressure and position the "load" is administered.

Sperm leave the body through the?

Urethra. It travels up the length of the penis and that's where the sperm leaves the body. Muscular contraction in the urethra causes the sperm to travel through.

How does the sperm get in to the egg?

To get to the egg the sperm has to first go through sexual intercourse and then the sperm travels in a liquid till it reaches the fallopian tube where the egg is to get into the egg the sperm uses its tail. (only a brief way)

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