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Q: How many female members of musical group the jets?
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What musical are The Jets and The Sharks in?

West Side Story.

What was the name of the pop musical family group of kids from Hawaii?

I think you might be thinking of The Jets. They were a group in the mid-80's who had a hit with Crush On You. They are from Minnesota but the parents came from the Pacific island of Tonga.

What famous musical were the jets and sharks rivals?

West Side Story

What are the two gangs in the musical west wide story?

Jets and Sharks

What is a good sentence of the words jets?

We found jets flying up in the sky. Jets flew above my head. A group of jets almost flew into my face. Jets are totally my thing! <3

What is the introduction of west side story?

it's the jets and sharks doing a big musical number

Is there a female player on the New York Jets?

No, the NFL is strictly male.

Who is maria's boyfriend?

In West Side Story, the 1961 musical about two street gangs from New York (Jets and Sharks). Maria's boyfriend was Chino, a member of the Sharks. Maria was a Jets girl.

What movie and television projects has The Jets been in?

The Jets has: Played Themselves in "Bandstand" in 1952. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Soul Train" in 1971. Played Themselves in "Lou Rawls Parade of Stars" in 1980. Played Themselves in "Solid Gold" in 1980. Played Themselves - Musical Guests in "No 73" in 1982.

Who is is better jets or giants?


Who are the Miami Dolphins main rivals?

The AFC east members( Pats, Bills, and Jets) are the main and only rivals

What is Sofia Jets?

Sofia Jets is a private air brokers company with two headquarters in Sofia and San Francisco. Their core business is airchartering, aircraft leasing, purchasing of any type of aircrafts. /Group - pax and cargo/ Private Jets / Lease ACMI/

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