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South Africa has one official flag.

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What flag has the most colours in it?

South Africa has the most with 6. This however is only if you do not include flags with intricate crests, such as Belize.

What country Flags have the colour black?

Germany, Egypt, South Africa, Swaziland, South Korea, Malawi etc etc

What are the main colors in Africa?

The colours yellow, green and red are found on many national flags in Africa.

How many countries are in South Africa?

South Africa has no countries

How many countries in south africa?

South Africa IS a country

Where is the plateau of South Africa?

There are many plateaus in South Africa

How many flags does Africa?

There is no exact known number of flags, total or just different types. There could be millions of flags (and most likely are) as cities, states, provinces, regions, unrecognized countries, unions, countries, etc. have their own flags. There are 54 national flags in Africa, however; one for each nation.

How many continents are in South Africa?

There are NO continents in South Africa. South Africa is one of the nations on the African continent.

How many continents does South Africa have?

South Africa does not have any continents

How many psychiatrists are there in south Africa?

2,222,222,222,228,595,652 psychiatrists are in South Africa.

Where is apartheid from?

South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.South Africa.

Does South Africa export products to Africa?

South Africa is in Africa. It exports products to many other countries in Africa.

How many nations in South Africa?

One."South Africa" is short for the Republic of South Africa - it's one country.

How many medals does South Africa have?

how many medels does africa have

Do all of the states in south Africa have different flags?

South Africa has 9 provinces, but it is one united state/country with only one flag- our national flag. See answers about the flag for more information.

How many countries are on the continent of South Africa?

South Africa is a country not a continent

How many athletes are in the Olympics for South Africa?

there are .... 20 athlete in south africa

How many people in South Africa?

the population of South Africa is 49,320,000 people

How many rivers are in South Africa?

There are 52 rivers in south africa.

How many rhinoceroses are in South Africa?

south Africa has about 3,000 or less rhinos

Where in Africa?

south Africa south Africa south Africa south Africa

How many counrtries are on the continent of South Africa?

There seems to be some confusion.South Africa is a country on the southern part of the continent of Africa. Hence it is called South Africa.South Africa is one country, not a continent.

How many kilometers is South Africa away from London?

South Africa is a large country. To get an accurate answer to your question, you will have to specify a city in South Africa

How many power stations are there in South Africa?

There are four power stations in South Africa

How many elephants live in South Africa?

there are about 5,000 or less elephants in south Africa

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