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Q: How many football national championships has Ohio state university won?
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What state has the most college football championships?

Alabama. The University of Alabama has 12 National Championships

How many national championships has Arizona State University football won?


How many NCAA football national championships has Louisiana State University won?


What schools have won 3 consecutive football national championships?

Appalachian State University

How many national state championships has the University of Florida football won?

Three. 1996, 2006, 2008.

How many national championship do Ohio state have in football?

Ohio State has won 7 National Championships in football

How many championships do Ohio State have in football?

they have 18 national championships most in ncaa

How many national championships does Oklahoma State football have?


How many national championships does Washington state football have?


Which college team has won the most national championships?

In college football Alabama has the most national championships with 13 while Notre Dame comes in second with 12. In College Hockey Bemidji State University has 13 national championships

Which five teams have the most Division 1 football championships?

The Ohio State University has 7 national championships. When they beat the University of Miami in 2002 that gave them their seventh championship since 1952.

How many football championships has Appalachian State University won?

3 NCAA Div I-AA National Championships - Back to Back to Back - 2005-2006-2007

Who has won the most swac football championships?

Grambling State University

How many championships has Washington State university football won?


Who had more national football championships Michigan or Michigan State?

The Michigan Wolverines have more National Championships with 11. The Michigan State Spartans have six.

What state had two consecutive national championships in college football?


How many national championships has Oklahoma State won in football?


How many national championships has Mississippi state football won?


How many National Championships has Michigan State won in football?

Michigan State has 2 consensus national championships in 1952 & 1965. Michigan State has 6 total football national championships as voted on by other services: 1951, 1952, 1955, 1957, 1965 and 1966.

How many times did penn state win national championships in football?

They have won two consensus national championships 1982 and 1986

Is the University of Florida the only school to win the football and basketball national championships the same year against the same school?

Ohio State

How many times has Penn State won the football national championship?

Penn State is credited with two football national championships ..... 1982 and 1986.

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Ohio State won?


How many NCAA football championships has Louisiana State University won?


How many NCAA football championships has the university of boise state won?