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How many gallons of exterior paint to cover a 1300 sq ft brick wall?


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I would count on needing about 5 gallons. Paint shops often have specials on 5 gallon buckets anyway.


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Ask the guy at the paint store how many square feet a gallon of paint will cover. Then figure out how many square feet you would like to paint. This will tell you about how many gallons of paint you will need, and the number of gallons will relate to your cost.

It will take about 8 gallons of drywall primer and 8 gallons of paint.

About 5 gallons usually . Use good rollers.

Depending on the surface you are painting it will take 16-20 gallons.

i bought 5 gallons of paint for the exterior of my mobile home, did not double check the paint after the clerk mixed it, took it home, gave it to my painter (spanish speaking only) and went to work. He paint half of my house and needed more paint....I went back to the same store, different clerk on duty and she mixed another 5 gallons of paint. This looked different but the labels read exterior semi-gloss, which is what I wanted. When I get home, I discover that the first clerk had mixed interior paint. what will happen to the interior paint on my exterior home.

The square footage tells us very little. -You need to measure and calculate the exterior wall area.

It will take approximately five to six gallons of paint to cover 1659 square feet. The general rule is 300 to 350 square feet out of a gallon of paint.

The official color of the paint for the White House is "Whisper White;" it takes 570 gallons to paint the exterior.

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Impossible to gauge from that measurement. You need an exterior figure of wall area, excluding windows.

Five gallons of standard body paint.

how many gallons of paint is needed to cover 2,500 square feet, with the paint having 55% solids, and 10% thinner, to have 6 mils dry film thickens at finish

Each gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet. To paint a 4300 square foot home, it would take 13 gallons of paint approximately.

I wouldn't risk it. -If many gallons of good exterior paint came off next winter, you would kick yourself. In my experience, if it says interior -then that's where you use it !

about 4 gallons for one coat for smooth surface; about 6 gallons if the surface is rough

If you are going to do without a primer, Tremclad anti-rust paint is best on exterior metals.

The answer depends on the preparation of the surface to be painted and on the paint, itself. Read the coverage information on the paint can.

My home is in dire need of new paint. Where can I get exterior paint in the Memphis area?

Common gallons of paint cover approximately 400 square feet. 1800 divided by 400 is 4.5. That is 4 and one half gallons or I would buy 5 gallons in case I lose some when I clean up or if there is a spill.

Type of surface, type of paint, method of painting. All make a difference. Most paint is supposed to cover 400 sq. ft.

DoesKmart sell weatherbeater exterior paint

a little over 3 gallons depending on the texture of the surface and how many coats you need....4 gallons should easily cover one coat

The exterior of my house needs a new paint job. I have the color and type of paint, I just dont know the best method to paint it. How do I know what method to exterior paint my house?

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