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How many gallons of fluid for a 1995 Honda civic lx radiador?


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Coolant Capacity, Quarts:

Man. Transmission 4.76 Auto. Transmission 4.6
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Yea the Transmission Fluid is called special Honda civic stuff fluid thingy

Honda manual transmission fluid, from the dealer.

what kind of transmission fluid does a 5 speed manual honda civic take?

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The 1997 Honda Civic gearbox has a fluid capacity of 4.8 quarts. You can check the gearbox fluid level with the gearbox dipstick.

Per Honda Civic manual, at every 3 years independent of mileage !

To put brakes pads on a 1994 Honda Civic, you will need Bleed brake fluid.

A 2007 Honda Civic Coupe will hold approximately 3 quarts of transmission fluid. The transmission fluid can be purchased at any auto parts store.

From what i have read the transmission fluid filter is inside of Honda trannys. You have to take apart the thing to get at it!

I highly recommend you get your fluid from a Honda dealer. SLF or VTF.

The automatic transmission will have a dip stick location on a 1982 Honda Civic. Pull the dip stick to see the color and texture of the fluid.

A 1997 Honda Civic uses DOT3 type brake fluid. This is the standard for power brakes in most cars for the last 20 years.

A 1989 Honda Civic did not make use of a transmission fluid dipstick. Instead there are two bolts available. A filler bolt and a drain bolt.

No, the 1995 Honda Civic transmission does not have a filter. The fluid is recommended to be changed every 75,000 miles to ensure clean fluid is kept in the housing.

You should use only Honda genuine transmission fluid. You can get a gallon of it at your local Honda dealer and change it yourself.

"Honda Genuine" transmission fluid is the correct fluid type. Specifically use this type or it will cause damage.

Honda maintance book says 2.5 qts.

On a 1998 Honda Civic there is a transmission drain bolt located on the bottom of the housing. Loosen the bolt and drain all of the old fluid. Using Honda ATF fluid top off the transmission.

A 1993 Honda Civic automatic transmission holds 2.9 quarts of fluid. The factory recommendation is Honda Genuine ATF-Z1 automatic transmission fluid. An alternative is a DEXRON II (now replaced by DEXRON III).

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