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A pool that is 24 by 4ft could hold an approximately 11,848 gallons of water when total full.


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The average swimming pool will hold about 16,000 gallons of water. This is true for a 2700 cubic foot pool.

it depends on the size of the swimming pool. The average olympic pool contains up to 1,000 gallons of water and 300 gallons of chlorine.

It depends on the size of the mass: a swimming pool will have a greater mass and hold more gallons than a kitchen sink.

How many gallons of water for a 15'x30' swimming pool?

If 20' is the circumference, then the answer is 833.4 gallons.

A round swimming pool 12 feet across by 4 feet deep will hold 452 ft3 which converts to 3,381 gallons

A 12-ft round pool with depth of 2 ft has a capacity of 1,692.2 gallons of water.

it can hold anywhere from 750-1000 gallons of water

It will hold 538.6 US gallons of water.

A standard domestic bathtub will hold about 80 gallons of water.

how many gallons of water does a swimming pool 15 feet by 4 feet deep hold

This pond can hold up to 533 gallons of water.

A third dimension is required, but you can figure about 900 gallons for every foot in the third dimension.

length X width by avg depth x 4.5 if a rectangle

The amount of gallons of water a washing machine can hold depends on whether it is a top loader or a front loader. Top loaders can hold about 25 gallons of water. A front loader can only hold about 5 gallons of water.

A 20 Gallon tank can hold up to 20 gallons of water.

This pond can hold up to 1,436.26 gallons of water.

Assuming you mean inches, the tank will hold up to 104 gallons of water.

If you mean inches, the tank would hold up to 11.64 gallons of water.

This tank would hold up to 18.7 gallons.

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