How many gangs are in stockton CA?

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I am a local in the city of Stockton and also a former gang member since the early 90's. I can name most of the gangs that were active and non-active. If I have to make an estimate I would have to say there are approximately over 30 gangs in Stockton.

2000- 2012 STOCKTON
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How many miles are from stockton ca to Las Vegas Nevada?

515 miles taking this route: . Take HIGHWAY 99 SOUTH from Stockton to SR-58 EAST to MOJAVE and TEHACHAPI at EXIT 24 in BAKERSFIELD. . Continue on SR-58 EAST to I-15 NORTH t
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How many miles from Riverdale CA to Stockton CA?

150 miles taking this route: . Follow MT. WHITNEY AVE, eastbound out of Riverdale, to ROUTE 41 at the light. Turn left onto STATE ROUTE 41 - NORTH to FRESNO. . Take SR-41