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i dont know

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How many gas chambers did Auschwitz extermination camp have?

5 =========== there were 5 crematoria, initially with one gas chamber in each. 4 were purpose built, one was converted from a mortuary (this one was not in the extermination camp, but in the Auschwitz concentration camp, as was the one in the punishment block) there were also two other buildings that were converted into gas chambers, each (if memory serves) had two gas chambers in each. Also cell 9 in the punishment block was used as a gas chamber during the experimental phase.

How many Jews were put in to one gas chamber?

That would depend upon which gas chamber, they were not all the same size. The largest could hold 2000.

How many people were in one hut in the holocaust?

by meaning 1 hut, i think you mean either How many people were in 1 concentration camp or 1 hut as a gas chamber at Auschwitz I well i tell both Depending on which concentration camp, theirs hundreds of them with spaces but i use a popular common camp and that is Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Auschwitz II-Birkenau has a max cap of 2.1 million people. Red house hut was a hut only for gas chamber prisoners and it could kill up to 12,500 prisoners at a time

Did Jews survive gas chambers?

Yes. There is one woman, Gena Turgel who walked out of the gas chamber alive and was not killed when found alive. However, once one was actually in an extermination camp, the chances of survival were practically nil. Most survivors were people used for slave labor or people who managed to hide successfully till the danger was past. As for the former, it helped if one was sent to a camp late in the Holocaust. source: NBC news article: auschwitz survivor gena turgel walked out gas chamber alive

Where was Hitler's gas chamber located?

Hitler had more than one gas chamber. The Nazis had gas chambers at Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Auschwitz. They also used poison gas to kill people in hospitals.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas different ending to the original?

No there is no different ending to the one in the movie it's just different in the book they find the clothes after the kid dies but in the movie the find the clothes when the kid is in the gas chamber and is about to die while his dad is looking for his son Bruno in the camp. too bad he diden't check the gas chamber :(

What is it like to die in a gas chamber?

Its a slow, painful, and suffocating death. No one exactly knows because if you die in a gas chamber, you wouldn't live to tell the story.

Did Belzec have a gas chamber?

Yes, it was one of the major extermination centres.

How many Jews survived the gassing in the holocaust?

None. One doesn't survive gassing in a gas chamber. ___________________ One, but she was executed a couple of hours later.

How many gas chambers were there in Auschwitz?

There were gas chambers situated in eight different buildings, some had more than one room used as a gas chamber. Though not all of these were in operation at the same time.

A scientist observed changes in the gas pressure of one mole of a gas in a sealed chamber with a fixed volume To identify the source of the changes the scientist should check for variations in what?

check for changes in the temperature of the chamber

Can you survive a gas chamber?

The link below is about a boy who did survive a gas chamber, not once, but SIX times! I am sure surviving a gas chamber would be extremely rare though, even the boy who did survive in the link below talks about watching in horror as everyone else in the gas chamber with him died. ____ That source strikes me as unreliable and I just don't believe the story especially as he was at Bergen-Belsen, which didn't even have gas chambers. You should assume that one does not survive.

How many rnds does a Winchester 22 model 190 chamber?

No gun can chamber more than one round in the chamber at a time

What did the Nazis do with the woman did they go to labor camps as well?

well... I know one, which was a gas chamber.

How many blocks were in one concentration camp?

The camp varied a lot in size.

How manypeople killed in one gas chamber?

the largest held 2000 at a time, the smallest about 4-500 (of the major 5 gas chambers)

How many syllables in the word camp?


How does the plus one bullet in the chamber get in the gun?

Plus one in the chamber means that in addition to however many cartridges are in the magazine, there is one more loaded in the gun.

How did they kill the people at the Auschwitz death camp?

One wayy they killed people is gas chambers

How many Jews were put in one gas chamber?

2500 a day, as there were 6,000,00 killed over all and 6,000,000 divided by 2500 is the amount of days there were in the second world war

What were the conditions like at the death camp?

Conditions at a death camp were as it sounds in the title "death camp". There was mass starvation and gas chambers were killing thousands every week. And disease such as typhoid fever, malaria, and other infections were standard for most people. inside barracks where hundreds of people slept, there was long rows of bunk beds with no mattress but sometimes hay, and two or more people shared one bunk with one blanket per person. guards did not need reason or permission to kill Jews. Escape attempts were punished by death from either torture or the gas chamber.

How many views did camp rock got?

== Nobody can tell how many views does CAMP ROCK has becaues theres lots of people who loves CAMP ROCK.And I am one of them== D ===

What is the conflict in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

There were many conflicts, but the primary one was Harry discovering the origins of the Chamber of Secrets.

What were the different methods of killing in these camps?

Well there many different types of methods they had the gas chamber in which the who take the Jews or anyone else who was in the camps and strip them and would lock them in a chamber and put poison gas into chamber and they would inhale it and then die another one is they would line them up in a row shoot them and see how many they could kill ( reason for this is because during the end of the war the began to run out supplies) one last one would be burning them by simple taking them and throwing them into boilers and they would burn to death ( Also at the end of the war they put them on a death march and made them walk a far distance many did not survive )

What is the plot of boy in the striped pajamas?

Main characters dad is a very important ranking Nazi and they move next to a concentration camp. The main character befriends a boy in the camp through the fence and sneaks into the camp one day. That happens to be the day when they gas everyone in the camp and they die together.

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