How many girls are there in the world?

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There are about 3.5 billion girls and women in the world.
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Who is the prettiest girl in the world?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like tall Brunettes while others like short blondes. We as humans are unique having our own sets of needs, wants and desires. Some look for outer beauty while others feel inner beauty is more important. (Most who base their relationship on outer be ( Full Answer )

How many Girl Scouts are there in the world?

In the USA - today, there are 3.2 million Girl Scouts -2.3 million girl members and 880,000 adult members working primarily as volunteers. In the World- Girl Scouts of the USA is part of a worldwide family of 10 million girls and adults in 145 countries . More than 50 million American women en ( Full Answer )

How many girls are there in Girls Aloud?

They are five members in girls aloud Cheryl Cole, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. At the moment they have all gone solo but they are getting back together, although Nadine Coyle (the main singer) shall not be joining back with Girls Aloud

You are 33 and the girl im seeing is 18 is that wrong and is there many cases in the world similar?

That's not too uncommon, but many people are going to give you funny looks when you tell them. If you really like her and stay with her eventually it will stop being strange (once she's in her twenties). So to answer your question, no, I don't feel that its wrong (but some people would disagree) b ( Full Answer )

How many girls are ther in the world?

Ok this took a long time to figure out with the multiplying japan, china, Canada, and all the other country's in the world! But there are 98 529 174 963 957 379 510 728 girls/women in the world! Wait 2 twin girls have been born this second I will update in 3 days! for you to get caught up!

How many more girls then boys in the world?

There are at least 10 million more females than males in the world. In China, there are about 3 women for every one man. Thus there are more women than men on Earth.

How many girls in this world are hot?

over 259000 if u know rihanna then go have sex with her she is in America now she is heading to the untied kingdom so come have sex with her here in America

How many girls and boys are in the world?

There are just over 7 billion people in the world, and the global sex ratio is about 1.01 male per 1 female. Therefore, we can approximate that there are about 3.52 billion men in the world and 3.49 billion women in the world.

How many more boys than the girls in the world?

More boys are born than girls, however they are more prone to death in the womb. Every three girls a boy is born. I think this is correct. You may want to research this to double check Really, there are about 105-107 boys born for every 100 girls. A: the person who answered it before me is right ( Full Answer )

How many girls in the world are named Abigail?

That's a question nobody will know. well it depends like when a girl is born they might name her Abigail, abbie, Megan, Sarah,samatha, and lizie. u never really know so if we counted all the kids named Abigail now and kept counted as they were borned we would probally end up with thousands! . th ( Full Answer )

Most famous girl in the world?

The England Princess Diana is the most famous girl in the world asper the ratings given by the website and in thehistory among top 10 famous women marlin monroe is the most famouswomen.

Who is the girl in the mattress world commercials?

Her name is Brandi Engel a 2004 graduate of Mt. Lebanon High SchoolSouth of Pittsburgh. She obtained a free ride to Pittsburgh'sDuquesne University. In 2005 she auditioned and was picked toco-star in the movie "Believe in Me" a film about an underdoggirls' basketball team that makes it to the Oklaho ( Full Answer )

What are some girl virtual worlds?

Onverse is a great virtual world for girls or boys you can shop for cloths decorate your house collect player points play splatball or icefall or just explore is a awesome virtual world! With no downloads!

What is the largest girl band in the world?

(May 16, 2012 modified) I've been really bothered by the answers at all websites. I really like SNSD / Girls' Generation and I have nothing against them but the largest group that I've encountered is AKB48 which consists of 64 members. ------------------------------------- Girl Generation ( Full Answer )

How many girls suffer from anorexia in the world?

Millions of girls world-wide suffer from anorexia. It is most prevalent in western nations, such as westenr Europe and the United States. In those areas, anorexia affects roughly 1 in every 250 people.

Can girls play in the World Cup?

I do not believe women are allowed to play in the FIFA Men's World Cup, but could find no rule prohibiting it. There is a FIFA Women's World Cup. The next will begin in June 2011.

How many girls have the name Sandra in the world?

It is impossible to say how many people have a certain name. Not all countries register all births and record such things. Nor is there any central register. In addition similar names can be totally different in different languages.

How do you be the most popular girl in the world?


Who is the best girls in the world?

the best girls in the world is semagul and fereshta. they arepreety, they are beautiful and they are the best. everyone likes semagul and fereshta. semagul and fereshta hates is aziz,najib,nsim,salim and omid. they are dum

Why muscle girls are the worlds fittest girls?

Firstly they keep a balanced diet which is very important. Secondly they ha a lot of protein in this this is by having protein shakes and other protein filled things. Lastly they visit the gym for atleast 6 hours a day to keep their body in shape:-)

Where they girls in world war?

no only men were allowed to fight in the war But the girls took over the work in the towns and cities. There were also some girl spies.

What are the best virtual worlds for girls?

i really like second life and IMVU but maybe they are not for your age group you should research them and see if you would like to play them.

Who sings the only girl in the world?

Im sorry to say this but in order to anyone answer this type of question is by you being specific this is a broad question, and if you don't want to be specific all the answers are ganna be wrong because theres many answers to that question by Titanium Chrome.

How many girls in a bevy of girls?

Technically and grammatically, a "bevy" is a large group of similar things, So, there is no minimum, maximum, nor even a standard number required to allow one to call a group a bevy.

Who was the 2nd girl scout of the world?

It is impossible to give a specific answer to this question. Before Lord Baden-Powell started the Girl Guide organization, there were many Girl Guide/Girl Scout troops already started.

How many girls in the world are named 'Chance'?

Though slightly uncommon, I would have to guess that there is a considerable handful of females bearing the name Chance . Having said that... I would not recommend it. It is a very juvenile name that will not aid her professional life as an adult. Another Answerer says: Worldwide stats ar ( Full Answer )

How many guys in the world LIKE girls without makeup?

It depends on the guy. Some guys like makeup, others prefer less. For the most part, guys usually like a median between makeup and going au natural, to accentuate features, but not overpower them. Most guys don't like globs of makeup on a girl's face, though.