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According to Wikipedia, the definition of a god is: "supernatural creator and overseer of the universe". Included here in this definition are all deities, goddesses and supernatural beings. Arbitrary distinction between old mythology gods and modern gods is simply unjustifiable from a factual and historical point of view. From an impartial point of view, all gods are equal and none of them have presence over any others. From a partial point of view, there is only 1 valid and unique god (monotheistic), or 1 valid group of gods (polytheistic). From this partial point of view, all gods other than the preferred one are considered false, invalid or nonexistent gods. The provided answer that follows is obviously strictly based on an impartial, factual and historical point of view.


Since the beginning of recorded history, which is defined by the invention of writing by the Sumerians around 6000 years ago, we have cataloged over 3700 supernatural beings, of which 2870 are considered deities. Those numbers are most probably a very conservative estimate because we have no accurate information before 4000 B.C. and human civilization goes back 8 000 to 10 000 years ago. For the first trace of modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens, we have to go a lot further back to 195 000 years ago. That means we have no direct evidence, or accurate information, about a belief system, if any, for 97% of the existence of the human species on Earth. We do have some indirect evidence from funeral rite performed as far back as 35 000 years ago which may imply the belief of some sort of after life and/or 1 or many supernatural beings.

Those supernatural beings are regrouped in the following subcategories:

And the Abrahamic gods, which includes the Jewish, Christian and Muslim god.
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How many gods and goddesses are there?

According to The English Dictionary, god is defined as, "asupernatural being, who is worshiped as the controller of some partof the universe, some aspect of life, or is the personification ofsome force." Included in this definition are all deities, goddessesand supernatural beings. Since the begi ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses are there in the Hindu religion?

Hindus have gods called Annapurna, Ganesha, Maya, Balrama, Garuda, Ram, Bhuvaneshwari,Hanuman,Sarawati,Brahma,Indra,Shakti,Kali,Shiva,Dhanwantari,KartikaSita,Dhumavati,Krishna,Vamana,Durga,Kurma,Vishnu,Ganga,Laksmi and Matanqi. 33 million gods THERE ARE SIX GODS AND FOUR GODDESSES IN HINDUISM ( Full Answer )

How many Greek Gods or Goddesses are there?

There are over 350+ deities in Greek mythology. Mainly gods of something (god of lightning etc), monsters and personified concepts (like Geras :aging and Eros : love and/or desire).

How many greek gods and goddesses were there?

There is only ever 12 greek gods/goddesses at one time, however many greek believed in roman gods, but the main 15 greek gods/ goddesses are: Aphrodite Apollo Ares Artemis Athena Demeter Dionysus Eros Hades Hephaestus Hera Hermes Hestia Poseidon Zeus

How many Hindu gods and goddesses are there?

Hinduism is a religion, which enables us to lead a original human life in spite of so many beliefs. This is possible because Hinduism associates each of the basic forces with a god. The Basic gods: The basic forces and the associated Hindu gods are, 1. Dreaming force - Indra 2. Illusory fo ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses are in greek mythology?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses when you include the minor ones. But there were twelve main gods in Greek mythology know as the Olympians. They are: 1.Zeus 2.Poseidon 3.Hades 4.Hera 5.Demeter 6.Athena 7.Hermes 8.Apollo 9.Artemis 10.Ares 11.Aphrodite 12.Hephaestus ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many greek gods and goddesses?

There are so many greek gods and goddesses because the Greeks believed there was a god or goddess for most specific things; gods and goddesses for war, hunting, childbirth, love, arts & crafts, household, etc.

How many gods and goddesses are there in Greece?

There are more than you can count, but 12 major ones known as Olympians because they live on Mount Olympus. The Big Three are Zeus , Poseidon , and Hades . They're brothers. Zeus is god of the sky; Poseidon rules the sea; Hades controls the underworld. Hera is Zeus' wife and goddess of the fami ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses do Hindus believe in?

To know Hinduism it is always better to get a Hindu's answer. We have only one supreme power as God and this one God manifests in various forms and names to create govern and destroy the unwanted things of this Universe. Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Sakthi,Ganesh and Skantha are six major manifestatio ( Full Answer )

How many god and goddess does Greece have?

There are many minor gods and goddesses, such as Hecate, goddess of magic and Morpheus, god of sleep and dreams. But, the most "important" of the gods and goddesses are on Olympus, but there are two others, one who gave up her throne, and Hades, who rules in the Underworld. The twelve gods on Olympu ( Full Answer )

How many Greek gods and goddesses are there altogether?

there are 12 main Greek gods/goddesses. they sit on a council and make all the decisions. Zeus is the head of this council. there are many other minor gods/goddesses, but they are not very important. think of them like patron saints. some are more important than others. the patron saint of love is i ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses?

There is only one God. God is not a male or a female. He is not like his creation.

Why are there many gods and goddesses?

Every culture has at some point created its own gods, whether by developing them from its own mythos or "borrowing" another culture's deities. Many societies have invented hundreds of gods to deal with every aspect of life where some have a single entity in charge of everything. Either way, over tim ( Full Answer )

The Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses who controlled what?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses. The ones listed here are just some of the more popular ones. Zeus- The sky, Ruler of all Gods Poseidon- brother to Zeus ruled the oceans, horses and earthquakes. Hades - brother to Zeus god of the underworld Hera- wife and sister to Zeus queen of the gods rul ( Full Answer )

How many Greek gods and goddesses were not married?

Um well in the 12 Olympians the gods and goddesses who were not married are: Ares, Hermes, Apollo (no fixed consort), Goddesses: Athena(decided not to get married), Artemis(decided not to get married) Demeter was technically married but to many gods, such as Posiedon, and Zeus. Although she ne ( Full Answer )

How many Greek gods or goddesses were there in the Roman days?

zero -- just like there are now.. there were like 20 or so but there were a lot of people that made up their own greek gods or godess. Answer: . (link appended) lists 370 Greek gods and goddesses with almost as many alternate names. The Romans were never shy about taking thins an ( Full Answer )

How many Hindu gods and goddess is there?

there are 35 goodness and more then 50 god. Some texts refer to Hinduism as having 330 million gods. However some of the main currents in Hinduism could be described as monotheistic, worshiping only one god and considering other gods as simply variations or manifestations of different aspects of t ( Full Answer )

How many greek gods and goddess are there?

There are 12 gods and goddesses together. There are 5 Goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite, Demeter, Artemis, and Athena. There are 7 gods, Zeus, Ares, Apollo, Hermes, Poseidon, Dionyses, and Hephaestus.

How many people worship the Greek gods and goddesses?

In modern day Greece, as of 2005, it is estimated that there are 2000 people who practice Hellenic neopaganism. There are an additional 100,000 people who have 'some sort of interest.' Outside of Greece, there aren't very many hard numbers. In the United States, the organization Hellenismos , wh ( Full Answer )

A religion that worships many gods and goddesses?

Polytheism Examples--Hinduism, some forms of Buddhism, ancient religions such as the Greeks and Egyptians, aboriginal and shamanic religions, Paganism. According to the teachings of Islam Almighty God has many attributes. Some of them are: There\nis no god, but ONLY ONE Almighty God. His proper ( Full Answer )

How many Hindu Gods and Goddesses is there?

i am sorry but answer it is you have to know what you mean by god and have many is there as Hindu only one it is Vishnu and rest is the profits of Atma

What religion worships many Gods and Goddesses?

Basically any religion besides Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nearly every other religion, before or since, has been pantheistic or polytheistic in nature. Its a long list.

What is the total number of Greek gods and goddesses?

There Is Zeus, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hestia, and the children, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Persephone, Dionyus, Ares, Hephaestus, Hermes, Aphrodite, were the main gods and goddesses but then there were dozens of others. Even if you don't count the Titans, there were an almost innumerable n ( Full Answer )

How many Egyptians gods and goddesses were there?

The Ancient Egyptians had around 8700 gods in total. It may be hard to believe but they really did! over a thousand gods it's hard to name them all Read more:

How many gods and goddesses were there in Ancient Rome?

Jupiter - He was the king of the Roman gods, he is alsothe brother of Neptune and Pluto. Married to Juno but was oftenknown to have affair with mortal women. He was also the god of thesky, and of thunder. He is the father of Hercules. And defeated thetitans - including his own father Cronus. . Nept ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses are there in Wicca?

This is difficult question to answer but I will do my best. There is usually Spirit and from spirit is god and goddess. This is where it gets a little tricky, but all gods and goddess stem from them. Depending on one's tradition equals number of gods and goddesses. The belief is that all gods and go ( Full Answer )

How many gods and goddesses did the Greek believe in?

there were 14 main or major gods and goddesses but there were thousands of minor gods and goddesses MAJOR Zeus Poseidon Hades Hera Athena Artemis Apollo Aphrodite Dionysus Hestia Demeter Hermes Ares Hephaestus .

The greeks believed in many gods and goddesses who controlled?

the greeks believed in many god and goddesses who controlled? ...well the person or thing that controlled this is the king...he made all the rules and plans for the revenge of his self to protect his gold and his belongings....

Why do some Indian gods and goddesses have so many arms?

Remember that Hindu gods and goddesses are manifestations of the one Reality, Brahman. Each one manifests certain archetypal energies, powers, or attributes of the infinite existence that is Brahman. To symbolize the various attributes being manifest, the deities appear with many arms holding differ ( Full Answer )

How many Olympian gods or goddesses are there?

as far as i no thair was 13 Hestia, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, the roman names were Apollo, Mars, Mercury, Vulcan, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Minerva, Diana, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, Bacchus

Why do Hindus have many gods and goddesses?

Hinduism is a religion, which enables us to lead a original human life in spite of so many beliefs. This is possible because Hinduism associates each of the basic forces with a god. The Basic gods: The basic forces and the associated Hindu gods are, 1. Dreaming force - Indra 2. Illusory fo ( Full Answer )

Did the Romans worship many gods and goddesses?

Yes their religion was extremely similar to the religion of the Greeks. They both believe on almost the same gods except with different names. For example a Greek goddess named Aphrodite in Greek is Venus in roman but it is the same god. Another way to say it is that the Romans were polytheistic.

How many gods and goddesses belong to one greek family?

All Greek families start with Greek Gods and Goddesses. All Greek Gods and Goddesses hold common ties to the First Born primeval gods and goddess, including Gaea (Earth) and Ouranus (Sky).

How many gods and goddesses are ther?

There are lots. Each religion has their own. Add to it the Greek and the Roman gods and goddesses. That's quite a lot.

How many gods and goddesses did the egyptians believe in?

The number of ancinet Egyptian gods and goddesses, as well as foreign deities worshiped and adopted by the Egyptian people has yet to reach a agreed upon number. We still have much to find out about it all.

How many god ans goddesses in Greece are theare?

There are many, but only twelve had thrones on Mount Olympus. 1. Zeus 2. Poseidon 3. Hades 4. Hestia 5. Hera 6. Ares 7. Athena 8. Apollo 9. Aphrodite 10. Hermes 11. Artemis 12. Hephaestus

How many eygptian gods goddess where there?

I'm very sorry, but I do not know. Some of the many were: Ma'at-winged Ra-bird head Horus-also a bird head Anubis-doggy head (death) Osiris-mummy (probably mummification) Hathor-lady Amun-pharaoh Isis-looks like Hathor, lady (famous) Not very helpful, but I hope it was enough!