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How many grams does a teaspoon of creatine weigh?

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2010-03-25 23:30:14

Prev answer: Approximately 5 grams.

Other answer:

My measurements show that in actual standardized measures you

use for cooking:

1 level tablespoon = 11g

1 level tsp ~ 3.67g

This was measured w/ GNC brand unflavored creatine monohydrate

powder which is somewhat finer than table salt but coarser than

protein powder. Scooped 10 tablespoons, weighed that and divided by

10. (repeated 2x )

Note for the unfamiliar that the utensil teaspoon (that you

might eat cereal with) is generally a lot larger than the tsp

measurement. An average teaspoon from my drawer filled to "rounded"

(but not heaping) measured out to about 10g.

The instructions on the tub suggested that a 5g serving is "a

heaping teaspoon". That seems about right for a teaspoon MEASURE,

but NOT for the utensil.

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