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Sodium sulfate is not prepared from hydrogen chloride.

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How many grams of Na2SO4 are needed to prepare 750 ml of a 0.375 M solution?

Let us find moles first. Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution ( 750 ml = 0.750 Liters ) 0.375 M Na2SO4 = moles Na2SO4/0.750 Liters = 0.28125 moles Na2SO4 =================== 0.28125 moles Na2SO4 (142.05 grams/1 mole Na2SO4) = 39.95 grams Na2SO4 needed ---------------------------------------you do significant figures!

How many grams of Na2SO4 is needed to prepare 120 mL of 0.8 M Na2SO4 solution?

na2so4= 142.05 g/mole, use dimensional analysis & set up your problem 13.64g

How many grams of sodium are there in 10.0 grams of sodium sulfate?

Na2SO4 10.0 grams Na2SO4 (1 mole Na2SO4/142.05 grams)(2 mole Na/1 mole Na2SO4)(22.99 grams/1 mole Na) = 3.24 grams of sodium -------------------------------

How many moles of Na SO4 are in 25.0 of this compound?

25.0 grams Na2SO4 ( only way this compound is possible ) 25.0 grams Na2SO4 (1 mole Na2SO4/142.05 grams) = 0.176 moles Na2SO4 -----------------------------

How many grams are in 3.6 moles of sodium sulfate?

3.6 moles N2SO4 (142.05 grams/1 mole Na2SO4) = 511.38 grams Na2SO4 ==================( you do significant figures )

How many molecules are there in 450 grams of Na2SO4?

how man molecules are there in 450 grams of Na2SO4. the simple formula to determine of mole is NO OF MOL= GIVEN MASS IN gm/MOL:MASS OF COMP: , AND IMOL = 6.02X1023 . SO, 19. 077X1023 molecules are present in 450 grams of Na2SO4.

How many grams of sodium sulfate will be formed if you start with 12.5 grams of sodium hydroxide and you have an excess of sulfuric acid?

Balanced equation. 2NaOH + H2SO4 -> Na2SO4 + 2H2O 12.5 grams NaOH (1 mole NaOH/39.998 grams)(1 mole Na2SO4/2 mole NaOH)(142.05 grams/1 mole Na2SO4) = 22.2 grams sodium sulfate produced ===========================

How many grams are needed to make a pint?

A US pint is 473 grams. - An Imperial pint is 568 grams

How many moles are there in 458 grams of Na2SO4?

Divide mass by molar mass to find moles:458(g) / 142.04(g/mol) = 3.22 mol Na2SO4

How many moles of atoms are contained in 2.88g na2 so4?

Full formal set up. 2.88 grams Na2SO4 (1 mole Na2SO4/142.05 grams)(6.022 X 1023/1 mole Na2SO4)(1 mole Na2SO4 atoms/6.022 X 1023) = 0.020 moles of sodium sulfate atoms ------------------------------------------------------( you can see the last two steps are superfluous )

How many millitres of 0.50 M Na2SO4 are needed to provide 0.038 mol of this salt?

There are 0.5 moles in one litre of the solution, therefore 0.038 moles are present in... 0.076 litres answer: 76ml of Na2SO4 are needed.

How many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500 ml volume of a .5 molar solution?

how many grams of calcium nitrate are needed to make a 500ml volume of a .5 molar solution

How many NaOH required to neutralize complitly4.9 gms of H2SO4?

Grams NaOH?? Balanced equation. 2NaOH + H2SO4 --> Na2SO4 + 2H2O 4.9 grams H2SO4 (1 mole H2SO4/98.086 grams)(2 mole NaOH/1 mole H2SO4)(39.998 grams/1 mole NaOH) = 4.0 grams NaOH needed =================

How many grams of solid barium sulfate form when 22.6 mL of 0.160 M barium chloride reacts with 54.6 mL of 0.055 M sodium sulfate?

Balanced equation first. BaCl2 + Na2SO4 -> 2NaCl + BaSO4 22.6 ml BaCl2 = 0.0226 liters 54.6 ml Na2SO4 = 0.0546 liters 0.160 M BaCl2 = moles BaCl2/0.0226 liters = 0.00362 moles BaCl2 0.055 M Na2SO4 = moles Na2SO4/0.0546 liters = 0.0030 moles Na2SO4 The ratio of BaCl2 to Na2SO4 is one to one, so either mole count wull drive this reaction. Use 0.0003 moles Na2SO4 0.0030 moles Na2SO4 (1 mole BaSO4/1 mole Na2SO4)(233.37 grams/1 mole BaSO4) = 0.700 grams of BaCO4 produced

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