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How many guests can Magic Kingdom hold?


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Magic Kingdom can hold at maximum 100,000 guests. At that point all arriving guests including Passholders and those staying at the resorts are all turned away. This is what is known as a "Phase 4".


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Over 17 million people visit the Magic Kingdom each year.

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With the possible exceptions of random birds & squirrels, there aren't any live animals at the Magic Kingdom. They're all at the Animal Kingdom.

According to the park map, there are 14 public bathrooms (each with multiple stalls). This does not include bathrooms inside of restaurants (generally open only to guests eating at the restaurant.

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The Magic Kingdom can evidently accommodate 100,000 guests. There doesn't appear to be an official maximum occupancy from Disney for their parks but we can presume perhaps 400,000 people can be in all four parks at any given time. You can find on the web up to 700,000 people can be in the parks on a given day.

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With an annual attendance of over 17 million, the Magic Kingdom averages 46,000 visitors a day. Of course the actual daily number fluctuates by season.

I live in Orlando and many employees of Disney World report that the capacity of the Magic Kingdom is 75,000 and that is the point that they closed the park and let in people as people leave.

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The Magic Kingdom at Disney World has no bars - no alcohol is served in that park (the other three do all serve alcohol). The hotels surrounding Magic Kingdom do have bars, and are accessible by the monorail (Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and Polynesian).

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