How many hand guns are there in the US?

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No exact answer, as there is no exact record- a good estimate is about 120 million privately owned handguns in the US.
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How many gun owners are there in the US?

Answer . According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were about 215 million privately owned guns in 1999. The NRA estimates that half of all American households (total US population is 294 million) have at least one gun owner. Numbers vary, but estimates are 70-8 ( Full Answer )

How do you use 45 hand gun?

Could you be a little more specific? Do you mean for what reason or do you mean how do you shoot it?

How can you tell if a hand gun has been used in a crime?

Forensic testing. Bullets fired from the weapon can be matched to those found at the crime scene. Shell casing can also be matched up. However, if the gun wasn't fired, it would be close to impossible to prove that it has been used to commit a crime. That person has obviously never heard of pape ( Full Answer )

How many murders in US by guns?

hundreds every day!!!. Sigh. More BS hype. According to the FBI, in 2005, there were about 16,700 murders in the U.S. This includes murders by all types of weapons. 16,692 divided by 365 days is only a little over 45 each day, and that includes all types of weapons. In 2006, the number of murders i ( Full Answer )

How many guns are regestered in the US?

This question continues to come up, with great regularity. In most U.S. states, there is no registration, regardless of what anybody tells you. "Register you gun" is something people say because they have heard it on TV. There are 3 or 4 states that require registration, but the other 46 or 47 state ( Full Answer )

Why were hand guns used in ww1?

They were easier to carry.. They were only used as a second firearm and never a primary weapon. It is their last line of defence.

How many people use guns?

Between half and three fourths of people in the US. It is different in other countries.

Can a non US permanent resident own a hand gun?

Generally speaking, yes, if you mean a US resident. Federal laws say "undocumented immigrants" cannot own guns. You probably want to check local state law to be sure there are no restrictions.

How much for a used 40 caliber beretta hand gun?

$300-$400 depending on condition and action-type.. I bought a used Beretta for $350 that is Double Action Only . It is probably not as valuable as a full Double/Single model. I really enjoy my Beretta.

How many registered guns are in the US?

Unless stolen before making it to a retailer, they all are when bought. --- Firearms are not registered when sold by retailers (FFL dealers) unless they are required to be registered in a particular state. And the registration is usually done by the local police department in those states. F ( Full Answer )

How many gun dealers are there in US?

1. There are currently 140,000 registered firearms sellers in theUnited States (source: Arming America, Origins of a National GunCulture) The statistic information above should be explained further.According ATF publication "Firearms Commerce in the United States:Annual Statistical Update 2014", the ( Full Answer )

Why did many soldiers use a hand gun?

Handguns were used in the first world war extensively because they were easier to wield in trench warfare. Since then they have been primarily issued to troops who for confined space reasons would have trouble carrying a rifle. For example Armored crewmen, transport drivers, clerical personnel. Su ( Full Answer )

What types of hand guns where used in the World War 2?

The allies standard was the Colt 45 while the Germans had Lugers. MistroJoe A more detailed answer is US: M1911 .45 ACP, Smith and Wesson Model 10 (Victory Model).38 UK and Commonwealth: Webley Mk IV .38, Browning Mk 2 .38 and Browning(Ingliss) Hi-Power 9mm Japan: Nambu 9mm Germany: Walt ( Full Answer )

How many illegal guns are in the US?

None. When made, 99.9% are legal, no matter where made. Just because it's against the law for YOU to own it doesn't make the weapon illegal. Technically the above is correct however as guns are not required to be registered in all states it is impossible to say how many are owned legally. Guns th ( Full Answer )

Can a left handed person use a right handed gun?

no not really but it is possible :p . Left handed people use "right handed" guns all the time since there are very few left handed guns. . Most of the issues are related to magazine release, slide stop, safety, and ejection....but some guns have a left hand oriented grip or stock. . What type of ( Full Answer )

How many gun stores are in the US?

1n 1994 @ 246K people had FFL's. Thanks to former President, Bill Clinton and the Congress of that era there are now less than 50k people with FFL's. Not all of those ran a "store".

How many ulicensed gun in us?

In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to license or register guns. If they are not registered, there is no way to know how many there are. in 2004, it was estimated that private citizens in the US owned 192 million firearms- the number is higher now.

What is the price of a used 22 Highstandard hand gun?

How long is a tape measure? (My favorite mother-in-law question). Point is, much more information is required, and likely only a rough estimate will be found on-line due to the lack of opportunity to visually inspect the pistol. Rough estimates of market value can be found by surfing sites on ( Full Answer )

How many hand guns are made in the us a day?

The most current year that data is available for is 2005. In that year, US manufacturers produced 1,088,827 handguns. Not quite 3,000 per day. That does not count handguns that are made outside the US and imported. Nor does it count handguns that are legally made by a private citizen for their own u ( Full Answer )

How many bullets does a 45 hand gun carry?

It depends on which gun it is. Some smaller models holds as few as 6. Some larger models with staggered magazines hold as many as 15 or 16.

How many people own hand guns in America?

No one knows exactly- US law, and most state laws do NOT require registration of ordinary firearms. In 1994, a survey estimated that roughly 16% of the adults in the US owned at least one handgun. That would equal roughly 49.6 million persons that own a handgun. My personal belief is that the number ( Full Answer )

How many US homes have guns?

Many homes have guns, though mostly in rural areas. There are also a number of people who posess guns illegaly as well as those who have a legal contract to own one. Added: (in the US) Gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right, and since no law requires gun owners to register their fir ( Full Answer )

How many different types of hand guns are there?

This question is hard to answer because it needs to be more specific. Are you asking how many operating types of handguns? Such as revolvers, semi automatic, single shot, muzzle loader, etc? Or are you asking how many models, of all guns, of all companies ever? Or another type of question altogether ( Full Answer )

What kind of hand gun does police officers in California use?

Each law enforcement agency prescribes what sidearms may be carried by their officers. California agencies furnish handguns to their sworn employees, and these are usually a single brand and model. However, many agencies permit their officers to purchase and carry their own handguns, so long as they ( Full Answer )

Can you use a hand gun to hunt?

Laws vary from place to place, but in many places, handguns that meet minimum energy levels CAN legally be used for hunting. There are handguns that were specifically made for hunting, such as the .454 Casul, .460 Ruger, .500 S&W- as well as the single shot pistols that use rifle caliber ammo. I dee ( Full Answer )

Can you find out if the hand gun i have is stolen using serial number?

No- because that is in a database not open to the public. However, a law enforcement officer CAN access that information. They will want to have the firearm in hand when they do it, in the event it IS stolen, they will return it to the rightful owner.

Should hand guns be allowed in the US?

Your question asks for an opinion. My opinion is that they should. When private possession of firearms goes up, crime decreases.

How many hand guns are bigger than the 40 MM hand gun?

A 40mm handgun would fire a bullet the size of a golf ball. No such critter. There IS a .40 caliber handgun (about 10mm). There are dozens of larger caliber handguns than .40 caliber. They include the .41, .44. .45, .455. .460, .475, .500- and several others.

What hand gun uses 7.62mm rounds?

2 different pistols that use 7.62mm ammunition are the Czech-made CZ-52 and the German-made Mauser C96. Many other pistols use variations of the 7.62mm round, but the two listed before utilize true 7.62mm rounds.

What is the biggest hand held gun ever used?

One of the largest, based on sheer mass and size is the aptly named "Pig"; or the M60. While not the largest "hand held" gun ever, it is among the largest hand-held, single person (not crew served) weapons that had been in common use. If your looking for length, the Lhati L-39 is the longest single- ( Full Answer )

Can you use break cleaner spray to clean a hand gun?

With out a doubt yes.I use this or carb cleaner from cnc all the time to clean my many firearms.They take away the carbon build up with ease and then I follow with a good gun oil like rem oil.

How many types of hand guns are there?

Hundreds. They are generally separated into revolvers and pistols (anything not a revolver) But then it becomes complex. There are different types of revolvers, such as single action, double action, top break, tip up, swing out cylinder, etc. There are single shot pistols that are top break, and bol ( Full Answer )

How much for a used 350 hand gun?

350 handgun? This isn't ringing a bell. Please rephrase the question with a specific make and model of handgun you're interested in. The calibre really does little to determine the going price, except in cases where the cartridge is unique to one or a very limited selection of firearms.

How many lrichardsno6 hand guns where made?

L. Richards was a maker of antique flintlock firearms, such as their No. 6 pistol. Unfortunately, they are fairly rare, and there is no public records database for MOST antique firearms. Sorry.

How many gun owners are there in us?

We do not know an exact number, since there is no licensing of gun owners on a national basis. It is estimated that roughly 1/3rd of all households in the US own at least 1 firearm. The percentage will very sharply by location. New York City- very rare. Rural Tennessee, very common.

Can you use shotgun powder for hand gun ammo?

\n. Possible. Not all powders, not all handguns. I use Unique and Green Dot shotgun powders for .38 Special and .45 ACP. The real key is to get a good reloading manual and FOLLOW IT.

How many legal guns are there in the us?

No exact record, since there is no requirement to register guns in MOST of the US. One estimate is 312 million owned by ordinary people.There are an estimated 200 million legal guns in the United States.