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Q: How many hits did the view from the afternoon have on youtube by the arctic monkeys?
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What is the most hits on YouTube ever?

The "UniversalMusicGroup" Has over 1,000,000,000 Hits.

What tags will get the most youtube hits?


Did the monkeys have more number one hits than the beatles?


What is the sound when the golfer hits the ball?

look on youtube

How many YouTube hits has Psy had?

Psy's YouTube channel has had 2,446,743,192 hits including all official videos available. The hit song "Gangnam Style" has had over 1,553,700,883 hits alone.

How do you get more YouTube hits?

To get more youtube hits you need to do 1 thing MAKE GOOD VIDEOS that should be the only thing you need to do to get more hits. another way is to refresh or F5 spam

How many hits does justin bieber have on youtube?

A lot of hits! Justin Bieber is the cutest popstar.

How to be famous?

you go on youtube and do a cool video to get a lot of hits.

What video on YouTube has the most hits?

Baby By Justin Bieber.

How many hits on youtube has Selena Gomez gotten?


How many hits does YouTube get a day?

between 2 and 3 billion.

What is shaycarls job?

He is a youtube partner which means that youtube pays him for posting videos on youtube. The way you can become a partner is if you are popular on youtube and get a lot of hits on your videos. Although, before youtube Shaycarl has mentioned that he has had to have numerous jobs. (Granite business) :)

How many hits did miley cyrus get on the song wrecking ball?

Wrecking Ball has about 741,450,000 hits on YouTube as of January 2015.Miley Cyrus got about 741,300,000 views on YouTube for the song Wrecking Ball.

What did the unfaithful servant do with his talent?

Became a youtube character 72 hits and that's about it

How many hits per year does YouTube get?

over 356 million maybe

What happens when you get a million hits on YouTube?

YouTube will send you a check of $1500, but first they send you a message as soon as your video reaches a million views.

What song has the most hits on YouTube?

Gangnam Style, by quite a big lead, has the most video views on YouTube. On YouTube alone, the video was viewed at an eye widening 1.7 billion times.

What is the most watched Paul McCartney video on YouTube?

There are several Paul McCartney videos on YouTube which have reached millions of views and hits. Beatles songs, such as Hey Jude, and performances at the Diamond Jubilee, for example, have many hits.

How many hits did miley cyrus get on the song wrecking ball-?

Miley Cyrus garnered about 741,300,000 hits on YouTube for Wrecking Ball.

What rock song has the most video hits on YouTube?

Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend" has 121,000,000

Which Lady Gaga song has had the least hits on YouTube?

One of her songs that no one listened to

Who has most hits on YouTube?

Justin Bieber - Baby ft. Ludacris. it has 374,403,983 views

What is the Korean song that has over a hundred million hits on Y Youtube?

Gangnam Style by Psy

Who are thecrazyasswhiteboys?

they are dan flower and Ryan whitmire. thery are not really brothers but big youtube hits.

Who discovered Justin Bieber with his singing?

he was on youtube and got millions of hits and usher signed him up