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How many horses can you treat if you bought one kilogram of pain reducer and they each use sixty milligrams?



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One kilogram of pain reducer is equal to 1000 grams. There are 1000 milligrams (mg) in each gram. That means you have one million mg of pain reducer. One million mg divided by 60 mg per dose gives you 16,666.67 doses. The number of horses you could treat would depend on how many times a day each horse gets a 60-mg dose. Additionally, the horses would all have to be very close to the same weight, since the amount of pain reducer you give would depend on the weight of the horse. My advice would be to ask your vet or even your farrier if they are knowledgeable.

Lets solve this problem mathematically
== We know that 1 kilogram = 1 000 000 milligrams. ==

Given that we have 1 kilogram of pain reducer.

That is we have 1000000 milligrams of pain reducer in our hand.

Each horse need sixty milligrams.

We need to find the number of horses we can treat with these 1000000 milligrams.

Number of horses = 1000000/60

= 16,666.67

Number of horses cannot be a decimal.

So, we can treat 16,666 horses with 1 kilogram of pain reducer.