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there are over 15 hospitals

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Q: How many hospitals are in Europe?
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WHERE ARE multiple sclerosis centers?

Many hospitals across the world have centres for MS, research and treatment. Apollo Hospitals in India is one of them, apart from many others in Europe and USA.

How many hospitals in Europe?

Generally speaking, there should be around 15,000 hospitals in Europe. However, do bear in mind the fact that this includes the European Union only (which rules out countries such as Serbia and Russia).

How many hospitals in London?

there are 45 hospitals in London

How many hospitals are in Scotland?

There are 600 hospitals in Scotland!

How many hospitals in Ireland?

there are 15 hospitals in ireland!

How many hospitals are there in Bangladesh?

947 hospitals.

How many hospitals are in muscat?

There are near about 21 hospitals in Muscat.

How many hospitals are there in baku?

8 hospitals or clinic are found in baku

How many hospitals in Georgia?

In conducting some research and would like to know how many hospitals are in Georgia. Further, can you provide the number of hospitals by county? Thank You

Who has a pagan minister in the hospitals?

Many hospitals now have Pagan ministers available.

Is there hospitals in Manchester?

Manchester is a large city in England and so it has many hospitals.

How many hospitals are in the world?

How many hospitals in the United States? Answer: According to the AHA there are approx 5,815 Registered Hospitals in the US. 5,010 Community Hospitals 213 Federal Government Hospitals 447 Non Federal Psychiatric Hospitals 129 Non Federal Long Term Care Hospitals 16 Hospitals of Institutions(Prisons Hospitals, Collage Infirmaries etc...).