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How many hours from Ottawa to North Bay by car?

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It is about 3 hours by bus to North Bay from Ottawa. There is onestop on the way.

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How many Kilometers from Ottawa to North Bay?

357 according to our fiends at google maps

Is there a train from Ottawa to North Bay?

Not directly. However, you can take a train from Ottawa to Toronto, and then transfer in Toronto onto a different train that will take you to North Bay.

Major cities in the canadian shield?

Sudbury, North Bay, Thunder Bay, and Ottawa.

What is the distance in km between Ottawa and north bay Ontario?

About 360km by road.

How many hours from niagara falls to north bay?

The distance between Niagara Falls, NY, USA and North Bay, ON, Canada, is 284 miles and will take about 5 Hours to drive.

How many hours driving from Toronto to north bay?

3 to 3.5 hrs

How many miles from Ottawa to thunder bay?

910 miles

Where is Ontario Canada?

Located in east central Canada with Hudson Bay to the north and Quebec to the east, capital Ottawa

How long does it take to drive from North Bay ON to Barrie ON?

It takes approximately 3 hours........I live in Barrie and have travelled to North Bay.

How much driving time from Thunder Bay ON to North Bay ON?

about 12 hours 41 mins

List five cities in North America that have transportation links to Montreal?

Chicago, Toronto, Thunder Bay, New York, Ottawa

How many hours from Ottawa Ontario to Thunder Bay Ontario by car?

does any one know how long in terms of hours by train to get from Ottawa to thunder bay?? please Edit - There's no train stop in Thunder Bay. Closest place is Armstrong, Ontario. (Greyhound or Taxi from there to T.Bay) As for driving - Depending on speed and stops (food/gas/bio) it ranges from 16 to 20 hrs. 16 hours is 1 stop for gas, and +100km/h(closer to 120km/h), 20 hours is 3-4 stops, 90km/h. These are summer/clear road conditions (no construction).

How long does it take to drive from sudbury to north bay?

3 hours

Which body of water is located at 60 degrees north latitude and 80 degrees west?

This point is near the Ottawa Islands out in Hudson's Bay.

What is the bay north of Canada?

There are many bodies of water on Earth, almost too many to remember. There are two bays that are North of Canada. The Hudson bay is North of Ontario and Quebec. The Baffin Bay is North of Canada but West of Greenland.

How long would it take to drive from Hamilton Ontario Canada to North North Bay Ontario Canada?

4 hours

What are Ontarios major cities?

Toronto There are numerous major cities in Ontario. Thunder Bay Sault Ste. Marie Sudbury North Bay Windsor Hamilton Kitchener/Waterloo Toronto Mississauga Oshawa Kingston Ottawa

How many hours does it take to drive from Memphis to Tampa Bay?

12 hours

How many hours from richards bay to johannesburg by a greyhound bus?

it is 100 hours.

What is the driving distance from Thunder Bay ON to North Bay ON Canada?

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 15 hours and 19 minutes.

How many hours from green bay to Sparta?


How far is it from North Bay Ontario Canada to Norwich England?

Air Canada flies North Bay to Toronto in @ 50 mins, then Toronto to Heathrow flights are generally @ 5-6 hours.

How many hours does it take to fly from Minneapolis to Montego Bay?

It takes about 4 1/2 hours to fly from Minneapolis to Montego Bay.

How many people live in north bay?


How many driving hours is it from atlanta ga to palm bay Florida?

8 hours