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About 15 hours

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Q: How many hours is it from Ondo Nigeria to Hartford Connecticut?
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What state did d'banj hail from Nigeria?

Ondo state

Where in Nigeria are cocoa beans grown?

it is mainly grown in Ondo state.

What has the author Ekundayo Babakayode Opaleye written?

Ekundayo Babakayode Opaleye has written: 'Path to prosperity' -- subject(s): Ondo State (Nigeria), Ondo State (Nigeria). Military Governor (1986- : Opaleye), Politics and government

What African states start with the letter O?

Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo are states in Nigeria

What is the ZIP code for Akure Nigeria?

One postal code for the area of Akure in Nigeria is 340284. Another is 340214 for the Akure Ondo Area 1.

Is the former president olusegun obasanjo of Nigeria still alive?

Yes he's still alive and kicking and owns a farm in his native town of Ota Ondo state Nigeria

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Who is King Olateru Olagbegi Olowo of land Ondo state of Nigeria?

He is a renowned Lawyer and a former lecturer at the Nigeria Law School in Lagos. He is the traditional ruler of Owo and his title is th "Olowo of Owo"

What is Ondo State's population?

Ondo State's population is 3,440,000.

What is the postal code for ikare ondo state?

what is ondo postal code

When was Daniel Ona Ondo born?

Daniel Ona Ondo was born in 1945.

When was Emmanuel Ondo Methogo born?

Emmanuel Ondo Methogo was born in 1946.