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The life span of dogs depends on:

  • It varies. Generally smaller breed dogs live longer. There is a limit to this, as some mini's are genetic aberrations that die from defects as they age, often caused because some body parts/internal organs grow faster than the rest of the body, causing serious problems.

    Medium-Large breeds live 11 to 14 years on average. From Wikipedia: The dog widely reported to be the longest-lived is "Bluey," who died in 1939 and was claimed to be 29.5 years old at the time of his death. The Daily Mail reports Britain's oldest dog was a pedigree Papillon called Fred who died at the of 29 in 2000.

    The "7 years to 1 human" type of math is not accurate. Using 7:1 math, a dog that lives to 20 would be 140 years old in people years which is possible but not likely. Compare a small breed and large breed dog at 10 years old. The small breed dog would be comparable to a 40 year old, while the large breed dog would be comparable to a 70 year old, this based on an average human life span of 70 to 100 years.

  • From Wikipedia: No one formula for dog to human age conversion is scientifically agreed, although within fairly close limits they show great similarities. As a rough approximation, the human equivalent of a one year old dog is between about 10 and 15 years; a one year old dog or cat has generally reached its full growth and is sexually mature, although it might still be lanky and need to fill in a more mature musculature, similar to human teenagers. The second year is equivalent to about another 3 to 8 years in terms of physical and mental maturity, and each year thereafter is equivalent to only about 4 or 5 human years.

Dogs can live up to 20 years old although depending on the size of the dog can depend on how long it lives for generally speaking the smaller the dog the longer they can live for.

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Q: How many human years do dogs live on the average?
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How long do dogs live in people years?

Dogs can live up to 15 years in Human years

How long can a dog live in dog years?

small dogs average is 12-15 years Big dogs average is 9-13 the above person is saying in HUMAN years, in DOG years this is about 84- 105 for a small dog and 63- 91 for a big dog. small dogs live to a pretty old age! one HUMAN year is about 7 DOG years.

How long can dogs live in human years?


How old can dogs be?

Dog's can live up to 15 years (in human years)

How old do wiener dogs live?

12.7 years average, but there are lots who live upwards of 20 years.

How long will a dog stay alive?

Dogs live for widely varied amounts of time, but the key to finding a dog with a longer lifespan is to look for small dogs. The average fifty-pound dog will live for about ten to twelve years, but dogs larger than that live, on average, about six to eight years. Interestingly, as in humans, female dogs tend to live longer than male dogs, though the disparity between lifespans is not as pronounced as the disparity in human lifespan.

What is the average age for a human to live?

80 years

What is the life span of a dog in dog years?

That would depend on the dog. On average, large dogs can live about a decade, but smaller dogs can live much longer. One human year= seven dog years, so a good estimate would be about seventy.

How long do pug dogs live?

Pugs usually live about 12-15 human years.

How many chinchilla years are in a human year?

Chinchillas live about 15 years on average, so that would be about 6 years for every human year (considering a human life to be an average of 90 years)

How long do pug dogs usually live for?

Pugs live 12 to 15 years on average.

How long does the average human live?

77.1 years old.

How long does british bull dogs live for?

The average is 8 years, although some can live longer.

How Many Ears Do Dogs Have?

2If you meant ears then they have 2If you meant years then this varies on the type of dog and the individual itself. Smaller dogs have an average lifespan of 1.5 larger than bigger dogs. Some breeds live longer than others. Most do not live past between 14-20 human years.

Why do dogs only live 15 years?

Because in human years they are older than dog year they can be like 100 year old so that why most dogs live to about 15 yrs

How long does an average human live?

The average worldwide lifespan, is 67.2, with women living an average of 69 years, and men living an average of 65 years.

Can a dog live longer than a human?

Sure if the human dies prematurely. If a human lives to be 80 some years old then the answer is no. Dogs usually don't live to be much more than 15 years old.

How long do Deer Chihuahua dogs live?

mine is 84 in dog years,12 in human

How long can a dog live for-?

Average life span will vary depending on breed of dog. But in general, a reasonable average is 12-15 years for dogs. However, some breeds have shorter average life spans and some dogs can live as old as 18 years... Or more...

How long do chow chow dogs live?

Chow Chow dogs can live to the average of 15 years, but with good genes and good veterinary care some Chow Chows can live longer.The average life expectancy for a healthy Chow Chow is 11-12 years

Is it possible for a cat to live as long as a human?

The average cat lives about 13-15 years. But an indoors cat can live up to 21 years or more. But, its not possible for it to live as long as a human.

How many days does an average human live?

28452.39 days or 77.9 years.

How long do cameleons live?

They die at the age of 142 as an average in human years

How long could you live in 0 degrees?

The average human can live 1.5 years in 0 degrees

How long does dogs usually live?

It depends on the dog's breed, or size. Toy sized dogs can live 14 year (or longer), while the largest breeds may only live 5 or 6 years. The average life span most dogs live is 10-13 years.

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