Chihuahuas were first found in Mexico and are named after one of its states, but their exact country of origin remains unknown .Although Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed, they have brave and confident personalities and are not afraid to stand up for themselves, even in front of giant dogs! This category has questions relating this breed’s temperament, appearance, average life span, etc.

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Dog Breeding and Mating

How long do chihuahua dogs stay in heat?

Dogs are in heat for 21 days

There are three distinct stages of the heat cycle. The first one is the "Proestrus" and it is during this stage the owner will often notice the bleeding from the vulva. The bleeding itself can be slight or she can leave evidence of her condition everywhere she sits or lays. For those owners who keep their dogs in the house, many pet stores carry dog panties that hold special canine sanitary napkins to eliminate the mess. In addition to bleeding, the vulva will also swell and the dog will usually have an increase in urination. The most obvious sign to most owners are the increase in population of male dogs around their house. This proestrus part of the cycle will last between seven and ten days and the female will make it clear she wants no part of the male during this time. Unfortunately for the owner, the male dogs don't know how to take no for an answer. They will climb or dig under fences, attempt to breed through the fence if the female strays close enough and often serenade the dog and owner into the wee hours of the night.

The second stage or actual "Estrus" stage of the heat cycle will often begin between the eight and tenth day after the first sign of color (bleeding). During this time the color of the blood has gone from bright red to pink and then to an almost clear discharge. It is during this stage most females will allow a dog, in fact ANY dog to breed her. The estrus stage can last between four and seven days and it must be remembered the female can become pregnant with mixed litters. Just because you bred your purebred collie to another collie doesn't mean she can't have puppies with the Doberman next door and the German Shepherd up the street. Your best bet is to keep her confined in the house during the entire estrus cycle or take the easy way out and board her for the necessary time. If you keep her at home, you may want to purchase a crate to keep her in.

If you do decide to breed your dog, she will show her willingness to be bred by "flagging" whenever you scratch the area directly above her tail. By flagging, she will actually stand still and lift her tail up and out of the way. For those breeds that have had their tails docked, you will just have to wing it although a veterinarian can do a vaginal smear. Each stage of the cycle will have different types of cells appear on the slide.

The third stage of the heat cycle is the "Diestrus." This is when the female is going out of heat. During this time she will still be giving off the heat "scent" and males will still be congregating for her attentions. Once again she will be out of the mood and will snap at the males or sit and lie down when they try to mount her. The diestrus stage will last approximately seven to ten days. Once it is over, the dog will remain out of heat for approximately six to eight months.

The average estrus cycle in a dog is approximately twenty-one days and this cycle usually occurs every six to seven months. The first cycle will often depend on the size of the dog. Small breeds such, as Chihuahuas or Toy Poodles will come into heat between five and seven months. Large breeds like the Collie, Mastiff or Great Dane may have their first heat cycle at six months but it isn't unusual for them to delay until they are a twelve to sixteen months. Larger dogs develop at a much slower rate than small dogs. Becci H.

Conditions and Diseases

How do you know if your chihuahua has asthma?

It doesnt have the energy to shake lol

kidding ask a vet

Australian Shepherds

Chihuahua and blue heeler mix breeds?

Yes. Yes they can


How much should a 10 week old chihuahua weigh?

he/she should weigh between 1lb or 2 pounds. <------- My Chihuahua is 3 1/2 and she weighs that much (She is a teacup) I would say a little under 1 pound.


Why do zombies walk funny?

They are undead creatures and their legs don't work well. Their ligaments and tendons have detiriorated and faded away. Thus the reason they walk funny


Is it normal for chihuahua to bleed after birth?

You must be careful she is not hemorraging - you should take her to the vet.


What does the animal name chihuahua mean?

The dog was named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is not fully agreed on, on what the name of the state means, but the most popular theory says that the name came from the Nahuatl language, meaning "The place where the water of the rivers meet".

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Greyhound Dogs

What do you call a greyhound and chihuahua mix?

a greyhound cross chihuahua

Cross breed.

On the lighter side

A street accident, as I can't imagine anyone purposely cross breeding these two breeds.


Can chihuahuas eat raisins?

no they can not they are poisonous to them ill give you a list of stuff they cant eat 1. raisins 2. avocados 3. chocolate 4. onions 5. garlic 6. grapes 7. macadamia nuts 8. walnuts DO NOT EVER FEED YOUR CHIHUAHUA THESE FOODS hope this helps :)


How long does it take for a longhaired chihuahua to reach maturity?

About 3-5 years of age.


What are the chihuahuas known for?

chihuahuas are known for many things...their BIG small they are.........and how CUTE they are!! I have a chihuahua named Teenie and they do shake a lot.......they are also known for that.


How much does the fattest chihuahua weigh?

20 pounds

Conditions and Diseases
Dieting and Weight Loss
Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets

If you are type-2 diabetic is the amount of carbs you should eat per day different?

  • Carbs and sugar restriction is very important in type 2 diabetics. Although the reduction of carbs should be discussed with a diabetic dietitian, a general rule is a diabetic should have no more than 20-60 grams of carbs per day, or even less if your blood sugar is constantly too high.
  • Eating carbs is like eating sugar. It will increase your blood sugar levels without a doubt. As a diabetic, I am lucky that I was never much of a sweet eater, but carbs were my downfall. I watch my carbs carefully. Having protein and fiber with the meal to slow the uptake is also important. Exercise is one of the best tools to manage your blood sugar.
  • Yes, and it's a bit different for each person, too. It depends on your size, your individual metabolism, your capacity to produce insulin, and the GI index of the carbs you're eating. (GI Index is a measurement of how fast a particular carbohydrate turns into blood sugar.)
  • Since you can't calculate all these things, and everyone's reactions are different, just following a fixed number recommendation is not very effective. Your best strategy to avoid diabetic deterioration and deadly side effects is to "eat to your meter", that is, start testing your blood sugar (yes, now) at mealtimes, 1 hour, and 2 hours after each meal, and learn what foods and amounts keep YOUR blood sugar within recommended limits. Here they are for you:

Fasting blood sugarunder 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/L)One hour after mealsunder 140 mg/dl (7.8 mmol/L)Two hours after mealsunder 120 mg/dl (6.6 mmol/L)

  • Yes, it varies from person to person. The thing is that not all carbs are created equal. Those on the low glycemic index are good for some people. In my opinion, beans, lettuce, broccoli, sweet potatoes and so on will not cause issues for some people. Whereas, white bread, rice, white potatoes, fried foods, cookies and so on will give you grief as far as your blood sugar goes. Low sugar foods are good, but the sugar is often replaced with other carbs, like saturated fats, which will not do any good. Be sure to read your labels.
  • Yes, it varies from person to person. Moreover, people are not created diabetic equally. For example, even a small portion of beans, sweet potatoes, and all fruits, would cause significant problems for me. As would, even a small portion of all bread (whether white or wholewheat/wholemeal), rice (both white and brown), all potatoes, wheat products, rice products, cereals, grains, and refined processed carbohydrates. I might get away with a mouthful of each (but not all at the same time of course), just as a taste now and then. I'm a non-insulin-dependant type 2 diabetic. In my opinion, and in my experience, both professional and personal, some non-insulin-dependant diabetics need to be stricter than those taking insulin. For example, I've always had a careful diet and exercise regularly. Nonetheless, I developed diabetes because there is a strong family history of the disease. Therefore, although I don't need to take insulin, I'm very insulin resistant and can tolerate very few carbohydrates per meal. So, always bear in mind that some type 2 diabetics can have very few carbohydrates while others appear to be safe with more. You cannot afford to take chances. You many not be the 'average' diabetic. Your limbs, eyes, organs, and life are at stake if you do not count and restrict as necessary your carbohydrate intake. You need to determine how many carbohydrates are safe for you as anindividual by testing your blood sugar, with your glucometer, one hour after each meal and then again two hours after the meal. Glucometers are readily available to buy at any drugstore, pharmacy, or chemist's shop. They are small and (with a little bit of practice) easy to use. After a few months of testing you will have a personalized 'safe' list of foods and quantities.

What happens if pups dont open their eyes?

It takes time for the young pups to open there eyes...


How do you house train a male Chihuahua?

Take him out every 10 minutes or train him to use a puppy pad.

Arts and Crafts

How can you get an old portrait fixed?

Look in the Yellow Pages under Photography Studios, find one that says "Old Photos Restored". They can use a computer reproduction of your photo to add missing parts, highlight, shade, you name it. You'll swear the photo was made yesterday!

If it is an oil painting, a pastel drawing, pen and ink, or any kind of art (not a photo) you can look in the yellow pages under Fine art or Art restoration. You can also contact the nearest good museum and ask who they use? Or if it is not of great value, you can go to your local frame shop, some have artists, who can do minor repairs. (A major rip or tear in a painting CAN be fixed! Never throw out old artwork without checking with an expert. Also I'm a bit in disagreement with the answer above regarding photos. Many old photos may also be quite valuable , so yes, it's a good idea to have a clean copy made , but that damaged original, if it is by a known photographer or is of someone very important (for instance it might be by Mathew Brady and a picture of a famous General) it can most likely be restored unless the damage is too severe, so get a professional opinion! Restoration for works on paper is a specialty, even more difficult than paintings , because of the fragile nature of paper. Photos on canvas or paintings on canvas can be restored in a number of ways, but a tearing requires reweaving (literally weaving the fibers back together). The other way a tear is repaired is by relining where the whole painting is removed an relaid onto new canvas or linen.


Can a chihuahua have almonds?

Yes but they might not like it depending on the dog.

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Dog Care

How big is a 15 week old chihuahua puppy?

If not a teacup chihuahua then around 2 to 3 lbs.


Do male or female chihuahuas make better pets?

I would say the females make better pets. They are dainty as they should be. Males tend to have "small dog syndrome" and can be a bit more feisty with strangers and other dogs.

Whether you get a male or female chihuahua really is a matter of personal taste. Some people prefer male dogs, some prefer female dogs and others just pick out a puppy with the qualities they like without concerning themselves with the puppies gender. Both male and female chihuahua's are easily trainable. Just takes time, patience and a lot of love. Once your chihuahua gets to know and trust you they will do everything in the world to please you and that makes training so much easier and much more pleasant...for both you and your puppy.

Dog Behavior

Why do Chihuahuas howl to certain sounds?

because they are on guard. they are ready to protect you from anything , also they might get scared themselves.


Do toy chihuahuas die in the cold?

if you are talking about tea cup chichuahuas then yes if they are left out side for a long time and if it is very cold they can also get ill if left in the cold to long


How is a chihuahua helpful?

Any pet is good for multiple reasons. Having a dog to engage with has proven to be good for overall health. Pets help lower blood pressure. Chihuahuas are particularly practical due to their small size. Many believe that Chihuahuas are helpful to diminish asthma attacks in children. Yet, this is only due to the calming effect of holding a dog. Because they are eternally small, Chihuahuas have a "puppy" effect on their surroundings. Again, a soothing effect.

Yet, it must never be forgotten that they are adult dogs and should be raised with structure and rules. If a behavior is intolerated in a large dog, then it is intolerated in a Chihuahua as well. A confident structured home makes for a calm, well-mannered dog. Chihuahuas do not tremble because they are cold, they tremble due to excitability. Thus, a firm master soothes a dog.


Can chihuahuas eat apples?

Well my chihuahua loves eating apples

Dog Breeds

How many puppies can a deer face chihuahua have?

they usually have about 1-4 puppies

Wasps and Hornets
First Aid

What do you do if you get stung by a wasp?

Clean the area with alcohol and apply a cold compress. Hydrocortisone cream and/or Benadryl may be helpful.

If your tongue starts to swell up, your chest gets tight, or you feel any discomfort that might be an allergic reaction, call 911 or your doctor IMMEDIATLY!!!!!!


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