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How many hurricanes have hit California?

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While California has had some impressive storms, to date it has never been hit by an actual hurricane.

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Does California have hurricanes?

There have been hurricanes that have indeed hit California but they rarely hit the coast over there. Most hurricanes are located by the Gulf of Mexico and by the East Coast.

Has California had any hurricanes or earthquakes?

California has had many earthquakes, but no recorded hurricanes.

How many hurricanes have hit Greenland?

4 hurricanes

How many hurricanes hit the us in 2005?

Seven Hurricanes hit the U.S. in 2005.

How many hurricanes have hit Belize?

33 tropical storms and hurricanes have hit Belize.

How many hurricanes have hit america?

Around 3000 hurricanes have hit America. Anywho Bye

How many Hurricanes hit the Us in 2009?

Zero (0) hurricanes hit the US in 2009.

How many hurricanes will hit USA?

as many as there can be

How many hurricanes hit Atlantic 2011?

There were 7 Atlantic hurricanes in 2011.

How Many Hurricanes Have Hit Canada?

Typically most Atlantic hurricanes hit the United States before they move to the coastal regions of Canada. There have been 19 hurricanes that hit Canada in history.

How many hurricanes happen in California a year?


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What is the average amount of hurricanes that hit each year?

In the United States, there are an average of 5 to 6 hurricanes that hit annually. Many of the hurricanes are lowered to tropical storms.

How many hurricanes are in california each year?

So far California has yet to be hit by an actual hurricane. It occasionally gets hurricane remnants, but only once every few years.

What areas in california have been hit by hurricanes?

Based on current records, none so far.

How many hurricanes have hit Pennsylvania?

See Related links for Wikipedia article about Pennsylvania hurricanes.

Does California get many hurricanes?

No. In fact as far back as records go California has never been hit by an actual hurricane, though occasionally the remnants of a hurricane have affected the state. There is a cold ocean current off the coast of California that prevents hurricanes from forming and will cause any hurricane that enters the area to degenerate.

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How many Hurricanes have hit Louisiana?

thrity seven

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