How many instruction are there in 8085 mp?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There are 74 instructions in the 8085 microprocessor.

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Q: How many instruction are there in 8085 mp?
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How many total instructions are there in 8085 MP?

there are 74 instruction sets in the 8085 up which consist of 246 bit pattern.

What is the instruction for exit in 8085 microprocessors?

There is no exit instruction in the 8085. Do you mean return, as in from a function or interrupt? If so, the instruction is RET.

Is there a multiply instruction?

Not in the 8085.

According to word size how many instruction in 8085?

The 8085 is an 8 bit processor, so its word length is 8 bits.

How many bytes are there for jump instruction in 8085?

There are 74 instructions in the 8085 microprocessor.

What happens when MUL CH instruction is executed?

MUL is not an 8085 instruction.

What is NOP Instruction stands in 8085 microprocessor?

The NOP instruction is a no-operation instruction. It does nothing to the state of the machine, except to use some time. In the case of the 8085, it uses four clock cycles plus however many wait states are need to access the NOP instruction from memory.

Which is the longest instruction in 8085 instruction set?

CALL, requiring 18 clock cycles.

What no of instruction will be execute by using only one clock pulse in 8085 microprocessor?

There are no instructions in the 8085 that execute in only one clock pulse. The minimum number of clock cycles is four; three for instruction fetch and one for instruction decode/execute.

How does the 8085 microprocessor instruction register work?

stores next instructions

PUSH Instruction in 8085 Micro processor?

Push instruction pushes two byte of data on the top of the stack.

Difference between LDA and STA instruction in 8085?

In the 8085, the LDA instruction loads the accumulator from memory, while the STA instruction stores the accumulator to memory. LDA is a read, while STA is a write. LDA is opcode 3AH, while STA is opcode 32H.