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Q: How many jellyfish do leatherback sea turtles eat a day?
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What do leatherback turtles eat?

jellyfishLeatherback turtles eats jellyfish which means they are carnivores.they eat mainly jellyfish and other soft bodied creatures.they eat jellyfish and some other easily fish to eat .jelly fishjellyfishIt eats herbs in the water and soft bodied sea creatures like jelly fish (aka sea jelly) It's favorite food!an adult leatherback sea turtles diet consists almost entirely of jellyfish.They eat Jellyfish.Leatherback sea turtles eat jellyfish and other soft bodied animals, such as slaps (free-floating tunicates) and cone jellies (Ctenophores).These animals are an energy-poor food since they are mostly water; therefore the leatherbacks must eat a lot of them. Leatherbacks in captivity can eat twice their own body weight in jellies a day. To help them swallow the soft prey the leatherback's oral cavity is lined with spines that stiffly point backwards.*Garbage pollution is very dangerous for turtles because some items, especially plastic shopping bags, look like jellyfish when in the water. Turtles try to eat the garbage and can become gaged and die.The primary food of the leatherback sea turtle is a jellyfish. They will also eat squid, sea urchins, fish, mollusks and other marine creatures. They have a more specialized diet than other sea turtles.jellyfishThe Leatherback Turtle adult eats almost only jellyfish, even though they do eat other "soft-bodied" sea organisms when they are pushed, like the tunicates, and cephalopods, or squid. For more details, see the sites listed below.

How many eggs can a jellyfish lay in a day?

450 eggs

How long do leatherback turtles live for?

they live 30years to a hundred years old.According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the actual lifespan of Leatherback Turtles is unknown at this day in time. This might be because they're a relatively endangered species... Did you know that the Leatherback Turtle is the largest living reptilian animal on earth? For more information visit: know the difference between a Turtle and Tortoise? Then visit: yearsClick on the link below.thirty to hundred year old tree

How many times a day do box turtles eat?

At least twice a day

Are jellyfish active in day or night?


How many babies can red eared slider turtles have?

It depends, my turtles had about 6-7 eggs about 3 a day.

How many sea turtles die daily?

9875624 per day

How many turtles are abused each day?

A lot, like 7.

Do box jellyfish lay eggs?

One box jellyfish can lay as many as 45,000 eggs in a single day. The sting from a box jellyfish is so toxic, it can kill a person in 3 minutes.

How many times a day do jellyfish eat?

Jellyfish don't have a set number of times they eat per day, like humans. They drift and graze on food as often as they can get it, and so the amount of food they may eat from day to day can vary greatly.

How many times a day do you feed a turtle?

I find once a day works for small/baby turtles.

How many times do turtles blink a day?

they blink there eyes about more than 160 tmes a day

Do jellyfish sleep at day or night?


How many blue jellyfish are there in SpongeBob?

there is 1 blue jellyfish in spongebob. Spongebob never could catch "no name" until the episode where he catches every jellyfish in jellyfish fields for Mr. Krabs. Then spongebob sees what Mr.Krabs is doing to the jellyfish( after "no name" catches spongebob. Then after spongebob saves the day "no name" goes into his jellyfish net. So spongebob names him friend.

How many times a day turtles eat?

Turtle eat only one time.

Why does remembrance day happen?


What do jellyfish do all day?

Search for food and mates.

Do jellyfish sleep at night or day?

They Sleep at Night.

How often do turtles mate?

turtles mate every two to four years. turtles do not mate every year, or day.

Can turtles learn more every day?

Haha, no they cannot. They're turtles and have no brain.

Does a camel eat turtles?

yes camels eat about 13 turtles a day on average

What food habits do turtles have?

Depends on the species, i have had box turtles for many years and they are omnivores i'm almost positive all turtles are omnivores. Most turtles eat 2-3 times a week, or might eat a "light snack" once a day.

Do loggerhead sea turtles eat jellyfishes?

The loggerhead sea turtle has a fascinating mastication cycle. Thus, cannot eat Jellyfish of any genus on any day apart from Tuesday. This sysle astounds scientists worldwide

Do you get a rash the next day after a bluebottle jellyfish sting?


How far do jellyfish travel in one day?

Pretty far