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No kids were killed inside the twin towers. But three children were killed on the airplane that crashed into the south tower. Five kids were also killed on the plane that hit the Pentagon.

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Q: How many kids die in the twin towers?
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How do you know 8 kids died in the twin towers?

8 kids did die on 9/11, but none were in the twin towers, they were all passengers on the planes that were hijacked. See related link (below) for more information.

How many people die in the twin tower?

2,977 were lost in the collapse of the Twin Towers.

How many people die in the twin tower incident?

2,977 were lost in the collapse of the Twin Towers.

What did miss twin towers die from?


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Did the people in thee plane crashing into the twin towers die?


How many kids died on September 11 twin towers?

Eight children between the ages of 2 and 11, who were all passengers on the hijacked planes, were killed on 9/11. There was also an 18 year old in the World Trade Center who was the youngest person to die in the buildings, that's not considered a child but still very (and way too) young.

How did the people in the Twin Towers die?

Only 6000 peoples but there where a couple of people who were hanging on the towers but few died when they fell of the towers

How many people die in twin tower?

The number I find most frequently is 2,996. That may be for the day but I am inclined to think that is specifically those lost in the Towers.

Did Whitney Houston die in the twin towers plane crash?

no she died in a hotel. Because of drug overdose i think

Why did bin laden die?

BIn laden got assassinated because he was the master mind of the twin towers attacks.

Did anyone die building the twin towers?

yes they had fallen off the top floor and landed hard on the ground.