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How many kilogram in one bushel of corn?


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One bushel of corn (maize) weighs 56 pounds, so 56 pounds = 25.40117272 kilograms.

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One bushel of corn yields about 2.8 gallons of ethanol.

One bushel of dried, shelled field corn = 56 pounds = 25.40117272 kilograms

If the corn meets minimum standards, one bushel weighs 56 pounds.

A bushel is a measure of volume equal to about 36 litres. A bushel of corn would be enough corn to fill a container one bushel in size.

One bushel is equal to about 1.244 cubic feet.

One bushel of corn is 56 pounds, so 56 pounds = 0.028 ton (US short ton).

It varies due to ear size, length, weight, and type of corn, but a decent average is about 1.6 bushels ear corn to make one bushel of shelled.

six --OR-- If you are talking about a strictly volumetric conversion, there are 32 quarts in a bushel. This would be the case if you had one bushel of dried, shelled field corn, for example.

Bushels are now most often used as units of mass or weight rather than of volume!!!! Wheat and Corn are measured by the Bushel! One Bushel of Wheat is equal to 27.21829069134458 Kilos! One Bushel of Corn is equal to 25.39998628400741 Kilos!

Ear corn is somewhat variable by its very nature, so the answer to this question can only be estimated. On average, shelled corn should weigh around 56 pounds US to the bushel. Ear corn is approximately one bushel = 0.8 bushel of shelled corn. Therefore, there should be around 45 bushels to the ton.The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that a bushel of ear corn weighs 70 lbs/ bushel. 2000/70#=28.57 bushels of ear corn to the ton.Although the two answers seem to be contradictory, they're not. The first answer assumes that one places ear corn into a one bushel container ("one bushel" being a volumetric measurement) and then shells it out, therefore making less than one bushel of shelled out corn. The USDA assumes that the user wants one bushel of shelled out grain after shelling, and so they add in the weight of the cobs to the shelled grain. It just depends on how you go about it.

One kilogram of barley equals 0.045929625 of a bushel. In other words, it takes approximately 21.77 kilograms of barley to equal one bushel.

The typical weight of feed corn (#2 yellow dent corn) is 56 pounds per bushel. By volume, there is about 8 gallons in a bushel. Thus there is 7 pounds in a gallon of corn.

One bushel (60 pounds) of soybeans yields about 4.6 liters of oil, so one kilogram of soybeans yields about 0.037 liters of oil.

The average bushel yield per acre of corn in the United States is 158.8 bushels. One hundred acres of corn would yield 15880 bushels.

A bushel is a unit of measurement and is very appropriate for use to measure popped corn. One bushel equals 8 gallons, so 8 x 16 equals 128 cups.

There are 4 pecks in one bushel.

8 gallons in one bushel.

It depends on the brand. Some brands have so much sugar (of various kinds) that one bushel's worth of corn would not be enough for 400 cans. Others are low enough that one bushel would sweeten as many as 600 cans.

A bushel is a unit of VOLUMEA ton is a unit of MASSThe two con not be directly equated. To do so you need to know the density of the stuff being measured.Assuming the corn is dry then, a dry bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds.So one short ton of corn is equivalent to 35.7 bushels,One long ton of corn is equivalent to 40 bushels,One metric tonne of corn is equivalent to 39.4 bushels

48lbs of barly is in one bushel

Four (4) pecks is equivalent to one bushel.

About 1.244 cubic feet in one bushel.

One bushel of apples weighs about 42 lbs.

There are 1.244 cubic feet in one bushel.

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