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How many kilometers from new Glasgow Nova Scotia to sherbrooke Nova Scotia?


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Do you mean Sherbrooke Quebec? I have not found a Sherbrooke in Nova Scotia


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55 minutes, and about 70 kilometers of good secondary roads.

Halifax, the capital and the major city in Nova Scotia has a population of 348,000. It is a major sea port as well as academic center. Other cities include Sydney and Sherbrooke.

That depends on where in Nova Scotia. It's 1440 km from Ottawa to Halifax and 1230 km to the Nova Scotia border.

There are 200 kilometers from Truro to Canning. === ===

No, she is from Santa Barbara, California.

The distance from Truro, Nova Scotia to Antigonish, Nova Scotia is 65.34 miles or 105.16 kilometers.

The United Kingdom is 2,790 miles (4,490 kilometers) from Nova Scotia.

The average cost of an apartment in Nova Scotia varies depending on the specific size of the apartment and location. For example, an apartment in Halifax Nova Scotia is estimated at $300 plus the cost of utilities while an apartment in New Glasgow Nova Scotia will cost approximately twice as much.

55,283 square kilometers.

The total driving distance from Calgary, Canada to Nova Scotia is 3,059 miles or 4,923 kilometers.

The driving distance (not "as the crow flies") is 546 kilometers, or about 5.5 hours.

Nova Scotia's area is 55,167 square kilometers.

Like 10 minutes. It`s only a 2 hour drive. 150 km "as the crow flies".

The air distance in kilometers from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Pyeongchang, South Korea, is 6,737 miles. That equals 10,842 kilometers or 5,854 nautical miles.

No , Nova Scotia is not a country, Nova Scotia is a Province of Canada.

in nova scotia there was a war in nova scotia

The driving distance (not "as the crow flies") is 131 kilometers, or about 1-3/4 hours.

Sandy Hoyt was born in 1939, in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada.

148 kilometers or 92 miles, and it should take a little more than an hour and a half.

1240 Kilometers, or about a 12-hour drive

The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax.

Nova Scotia is part of Canada.

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