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South Africa is a large country. To get an accurate answer to your question, you will have to specify a city in South Africa

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Which countries are 5000 miles from London?

South Africa is 5629 miles away

How far away is Brazil from South Africa?

Distance from Brazil to South Africa is 7776.76 kilometers This air travel distance is equal to 4832.26 miles.

How far is it to France from London?

London is about 100 kilometers away from the coast of France.

Is cape town near the coast?

quite near, about 30 miles away (London to Reading) also in South Africa

Where does south Africa lie in Africa?

Hmm, the name gives it away. The south.

How far away is africa from europe?

The shortest distance between Africa and Europe is 12 kilometers.

Is South Africa located near France?

Areas in the southern part of Africa and the country of South Africa are thousands of miles away from France.

How far away is London from Perth Western Australia?

The shortest distance is 14469 kilometers.

Does Saudi Arabia have meerkats?

No, not in the wild, anyway. Wild meerkats live in the countries of Botswana, Namibia, Angola, and South Africa (all countries in southern Africa). Saudi Arabia is thousands of kilometers away from wild meerkats.

Is coventry city found in London?

Coventry is not in London. Coventry is a city which is 86 miles or 138 kilometers away from London. There is a Coventry Street in London, and famously there is Covent Garden.

Where is New Dehli located on a map?

Apox. 450 kilometers north of Jaipur, 500 kilometers south of Ludhiana, 5500 kilometers away from Konya, Turkey and 7400 kilometers away from Stockholm, Sweden.

When did south America break away from Africa?

this question is wrong, there never was a south america.

How far away is Russia to London?

Russia is the world's largest country, so finding the distance from everywhere is near impossible. But I assume that you want the distance from Moscow to London, as Moscow is a prized city among the leaders of Russia. Moscow is 1,554.42 miles away from London. Moscow is 2,878.4 kilometers away from London.

Where did gnadhi live?

Gandhi was the leader of Indian nationalism in British ruled India and passed away on January 30, 1948. Gandhi lived in India, London, and South Africa.

How far away is South Africa from the equator?

the equator isn't far from Africa, it runs through the middle of Africa though

How far away is Ghana from London?

The distance from London, United Kingdom to Accra, Ghana is 3,165 miles as the crow flies. This is equal to 5,094 kilometers.

How far away is South Africa from the US?

It is between 1 and 16,000 miles away at 1:00PM.

How far away is haywards heath from London?

Haywards Heath is about 40 miles south of central London in the county of West Sussex.

Is Africa closer to South America or Australia?

It is far closer to South America: it is only about 1,700 miles away, whereas it is 3,500 miles away to Australia.

Who are closer to the south pole people living in southern Africa or people living in southern Spain?

South Africa is closer to the South Pole. Spain is in Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere, about twice as far away.

How far away is lightning in kilometers?

no matter where you are, it is always 30 kilometers away.... even if you are 3 meters away from it, it is 30 kilometers away. If you get struck by lightning, it is 30 kilometers away.

How many hours is it from nigeria to south Africa?

Nigeria is approximately 2,885 miles away from South Africa. The flight on a commercial airline would take about 6 hours to complete.

Who was president of South Africa after the new constitution?

Nelson Mandela was the president of South Africa after the new constitution. He served as president from 1994 to 1999. Mandela passed away in 2013.

Who was the president of South Africa in 1999?

The President of South Africa in 1999 was Nelson Mandela. Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He passed away on December 5, 2013.

Is table mountain near Johanesburg South Africa?

No. Table Mountain is situated on the south-west coast of South Africa in the City of Cape Town. Johannesburg is located near the north-eastern corner of South Africa and is approximately a 12-hour drive away from Table Mountain.

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