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300 to 350 in the city and i get 5 to 600 km on the highway. but i have a k&n cold air intake and alyays use supream gas.

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What is the wheel bolt pattern for 2004 dodge caravan?

Have your VIN # ready, call a Dodge Dealer, ask for Parts Department, give them your VIN # and ask them the bolt pattern spacing- they'll tell you. For a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan it's 5 x 114.3mm.

Suggested motor oil for 2004 Chevy Avalanche?

i run valvoline 5w-30 in my 5.3 liter. owners manual will give recomendations.

How do you get a belt diagram for a 91 Dakota 3.9L V6 help?

You can get a belt diagram for your 1991 Dodge Dakota 3.9 liter engine, at most Dodge dealerships. Most auto-parts stores will give you a belt diagram when you purchase a new belt.

How do you replace a shift solenoid on a 2004 dodge Dakota?

Take it to the dealer and give them $575.00. That's your only option unless your a mechanic and have all the specialized tools and scanners.

What is the spark plug gap for a 2004 dodge neon?

The gap is supposed to be between .035 and .038 inches. .038 will give you a little more "get up and go" in my experience.

What give me the most ounces the 1 liter or 1.75 l?

1.5 liter is heavier, obviously, by 50%

What are the release dates for Give Me Football or Give Me Beer - 2004?

Give Me Football or Give Me Beer - 2004 was released on: USA: 28 March 2004 (East Lansing Film Festival)

How do you measure 10 liters of water from a 7 liter jar and a 11 liter jar that are both filled with water?

Fill a container three times using the 7-liter jar (which will give you 21 liters), then take out water with the 11-liter jar (which will give you 10 liters).

Give me a list on engine sizes for 97 Chevy Tahoe?

5.7 liter 350 and the 6.5 liter diesel

Would a cherry bomb glasspacks sound good on a 1999 dodge ram 1500 3.9 liter?

If I were you I would go with a Flowmaster or similar type. The glass pack will give you a tinny sound and will be obnoxious going down the road. The Flowmaster type will give a nice rumble to that tiny V6.

Can you give me a sentence with word dodge?

It's no fun trying to dodge mid-day traffic in the downtown area.

What could cause a 2004 dodge stratus 2.4L hard to start and cuts out when you give it too much gas?

The cam position sensor. Worn spark plugs, bad spark plug wires,...................

How many ounces in a 1.75 liter bottle can anyone give you a straight answer?

Here is your answer: A 1.75 liter bottle can hold about 59.17 ounces of liquid.

Do Dodge dealers have crossovers?

Yes, actually The Dodge dealership does have crossovers. Just go to your nearest Dodge dealer and ask for a quote on price or even just give them a phone call.

If you have a 5 liter bottle and a 3 liter bottle how can you measure 4 liters?

You can do it in one of two ways. The first way would be to add the 5 liter bottle to the 3 liter bottle, and get 8 liters, then measure half of that amount, which would be 4 liters. The second way is to either add 1 liter to the 3 liter bottle, or remove 1 liter from the 5 liter bottle, which would also give you 4 liters.

How well does dodge ball help childrens body?

it give them excersise

Does the 3.0 engine v6 in a dodge caravan give a lot of trouble?


Where is the color code on a 2003 Dodge Caravan?

you have to call the vin number into the dodge dealership and they will give you a color code that was how ours was done anyways

Where can one get a quote on a Dodge vehicle?

To get a quote on a Dodge vehicle you can start out by going to your local Dodge dealership. That should give you a starting point. From there you can look at sources such as Consumers Digest and Kelly's Bluebook.

What are the ratings and certificates for Give Me Gape 2 - 2004 V?

Give Me Gape 2 - 2004 V is rated/received certificates of: Canada:(Banned)

Who did Gretzky give a Dodge truck to after winning it as MVP of the 1989?

Dave semenko

Why does Gina the Giraffe dodge the carrot when you give it to her?

She doesn't like carrots probably

What othe rmodel Dodge trucks will a 1996 2500 Dodge truck diesel engine fit please give you an answer?

1994 through early 1998

What is the cost of a brand new Dodge Ram 2500?

This depends on what you would like your brand new Dodge Ram 2500 equipped with. Talking with the local Dodge dealership in your area can give you a quote on this new vehicle.

When do you need to tuneup on Dodge Durango?

It depends on what engine and year it is. Your friendly Dodge dealer will give you a list of recommended maintenance items including periods between.