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Russet (starchy) This is the potato most people have fixed in their minds as the classic potato. They are ideal baking potatoes and are also good fried and mashed.

Jewel Yam (starchy) Actually a sweet potato, not a true jam, this is the most commonly found market sweet potato. Great baked or roasted.

Japanese Sweet Potato (starchy) This variety has a pink to purple skin with white flesh. Its flavor is sweet and nutty. They can be grilled, steamed or baked.

Hannah Sweet Potato (starchy) Very much like a Jewel potato, but with lighter skin and flesh.

Rose Finn Apple(waxy) This is an heirloom fingerling with a pink, often knobby skin with golden buttery yellow flesh. It has an earthy flavor and is great boiled, grilled, sauteed, deep fried, and served in salads.

Russian Banana (waxy) This potato has a pale yellow skin with rich yellow flesh and a firm texture. It is good grilled, sautéed, fried, roasted whole or steamed for potato salads.

Red Thumb (waxy) Fingerling with a bright red skin and pink flesh. Best boiled or roasted. A favorite among chefs.

French Fingerling (waxy) Pink skins and yellow flesh. This heirloom fingerling has smooth skin and yellow flesh. There is usually a little pinkish ring right under the skin. It is a great potato for roasting.

LaRette (waxy) These are little fingerling-shaped potatoes with a silky texture and a nutty flavor. Best roasted or boiled whole. They were discovered in the Swiss Alps by French Farmer named Jean Pierre Clot.

Austrian Crescent (waxy) This is an heirloom variety with yellowish, tan smooth skin and very light yellow flesh. It is best in potato salads, but also great boiled, steamed and roasted.

Red Gold (all-purpose) These are medium sized tan and red skinned potatoes with golden flesh. The texture is smooth and moist and the flavor is sweet and nutty. They are best baked, boiled, roasted or mashed gently.

Purple Majesty (all-purpose) Oblong potatoes with very dark purple skin and purple moist, firm flesh. It keeps its color when cooked and is high in antioxidants. They are best roasted, baked, in soups and mixed into potato salads.

Norland Red (all-purpose) Red skin and moist, creamy white flesh that holds up well when cooked. The farmer suggested serving them boiled, sliced and topped with butter and herbs. Can be boiled for potato salads as well as roasted, mashed, baked. Great boiled for potato salad, or whizzed into a soup.

Yukon Gold (all-purpose) Golden inside, rough brown skin. Great mashed, boiled for salads, fried... you name it.

Kennebec (all-purpose) This is a large potato with tan skin and white flesh. Baked, mashed, fried, or shredded into potato pancakes. It holds together well in boiling water as well.

All Blue (all-purpose) This potato is truly blue both inside and out. It has a dry texture, but holds its shape well, so it's best baked and drizzled with butter or olive oil, or boiled/steamed for a potato salad. Steaming and baking will ensure it keeps its color best.

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How many different kinds of potatoes in Peru?

There are 184 different kinds of potatoes in Peru,

How many kinds of Potatoes are there in the US?

3 kinds

How many different kinds of potatoes are there?

In the U.S we mainly haveround white potatoes new potatoes Yellow flesh potatoes. Potatoes originated in Peru and today that country counts with more than 3000 kinds of Potatoes, Including Huarya, Yellow, etc...

How many potatoes does a potato plant produce?

There are many different kinds of potatoes, and they all produce differently too. Your most common potatoes will produce usually about 6 - 8 potatoes per hill.

Why are some potatoes brown?

Because there are many kinds of potatoes, some are white, some are shades of brown and even red and purple.

What is your Thanksgiving day menu?

we are having turkey, ham, potatoes, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, fudge, and many different kinds of pie

Are there different kinds of potatoes?

yes there are several different kinds of potatoes and different gades of potatoes. examples are red potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, fingerling potatoes.regular russet potatoes are the most common sold by grades i.e. grade a, b exct.

What kinds of potatoes are gluten free?

All potatoes are gluten free.

How many varieties of potatoes exist?

In the U.S we mainly have round white potatoes new potatoes Yellow flesh potatoes. Potatoes originated in Peru and today that country counts with more than 3000 kinds of Potatoes, Including Hungary, Yellow, etc...

What are some different kinds of potatoes?

mashed potatoes scalloped poyayoes boiled potatoes and FRENCH FRIES

What kinds of potatoes are there?

there is alot of patoes

What food can be molded into a shape?

Many kinds but I'd say mashed potatoes is the most "popular." jell-o dough cheese mashed potatoes meatloaf

How many types of potatoes did the Incas grow?

The Inca Civilization grew over 200 kinds of potatoes. They all were different, some skinny, some small, they grew alot of potatoes. Also they were in different colors. There is approximately 267 kinds of potatoes grown in Inca. I hope this answer indeed helps you for what you were looking for. it maybe was for a project, essay or whatever it was... This information is very useful. Use it wisely!

What three different kinds of potatoes did Monica make for her friends?

Tater tots for Joey Whipped potatoes with peas and onions for Pheebs Mashed potatoes with lumps for Ross

How many potatoes in 5 pounds of potatoes?

About 26-30 potatoes.

How many potatoes in a kilo?

12 potatoes

How many potatoes are in one pound of potatoes?

It dependes on the size of the potatoes, but it is usally 3-5 potatoes.

How many potatoes does 5lb potatoes equal in a recipe?

It depends on how big the potatoes are.

How many potatoes for 2lbs of potatoes?

Pi*r2 or 2 pounds of potatoes

What types of foods were there on the gold fields in 1851?

On the Goldfields in 1851 there was mutton, damper, tea, potatoes and many more basic kinds of food and drinks

What kinds of food do Irish people like to eat?

cabbage, potatoes ,stew ,coddle

What kinds of food do Cherokee eat?

they eat corn,sweet potatoes,beans and squash

What are the 3 kinds of membranophone in Maguindanao Philippines?


What kinds of food did the pioneers eat?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, and any crops the grew

How many potatoes should you eat each day?

How many potatoes you should eat dailyYou can eat as many potatoes as you want.Potatoes are very healthy and you CAN eat as much as you want but the best portion would be 1-3 potatoes.

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