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Most cats can have three to six for each litter

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Calico cats can have the same amount of kittens as any other cat. Calico is a certain coat pattern, not a separate breed.

It is possible for a calico cat to have a calico kitten. It is likely that it may have different coloured kittens as the kittens father usually another colour.

Unless you are buying a purebred cat that happens to be calico, calico cats shouldn't cost any more than any other cat. In many cases, you can get kittens, calico and otherwise, for free.

Yes, calico cats start out their lives as calico kittens.

The colour that the kittens are from this combination all depends on the genitic make up of each cat and what is passed on to each kitten. There any many different options that could result from this mix.

The same size as any other ordinary house cat. Calico isn't a separate breed, but a coat colour.

well a cat can have any color kitten. my cat was gray and had kittens that were black, white and black and white kittens so it just really depends.

yes a cailco cat ca have many boy kittens. but as far as them haveing a male calico kitten, it very highly rare. i have owned a callie coat cat ever since i could remember and she has had many kittens. but never once a calico boy. .... hope this helped you out ---------------------------------- Sorry but that is not true. The reason there are no male calico cats is because the gene that is linked to the coat color is sex-linked to the female chromosome. In certain breeds, such as Persians, there are tortoiseshell colored males but they don't have white on them. Tortoiseshell coat color is not sex-linked, but most of them are females. No one should allow a cat to have "many kittens" for any reason. Kaberle RVT

A calico cat is a cat that is white, orange, and black. "Calico" is the term that describes a cat with these colours; it is not a breed name. Cats with the calico colouring can be many different breeds.

Calico cats come from many generations of different breeds of cat, as Calico is a certain colour, not a type of cat.

Calico refers to the pattern on the cats fur - not the breed. The calico pattern can be found on many different breeds of cat.

Seeing as Calico is just a name for a certain coat colour, each cat with the Calico colouring will have a different personality. However, nearly all kittens will have very active playtimes broken up with sleeping. Kittens usually eat four or five times a day.

The average cat can have 3 to 6 kittens

A cat of many colors is call a Calico cat. The Calico colour is usually found in females, and very rare in males.

a calico cat is defined by its white. if it has no white, it is not a calico but a tortiseshell.

The name calico refers to the cats being tri coloured white, brown,caramel or black and not the actual breed of cat. I have fosterd several calico females over the years and sizes depend on what breeding linage her parents come from . I dont think male cats are calico its usual for kittens to be female. So are torties they are female allso

You can tell if its calico or not because a calico cat is a cat with only these three colors on it. ( Orange, Black, and White.)

You can get orange, calico, tabby, and black kittens. However it would be best to get your cats neutered or spayed.

No, there is no such thing as a miniature calico cat. Calico cats are not actually a breed, calico describes their color.

It is said that for every 3,000 calico cat, the percentage of how rare a male calico cat is is .03%.

No, the calico cat's coat color is determined at birth.

A calico is a coat colour, not a breed. A cat with a calico coat can be a variety of shapes and sizes.

No. A calico cat is a coat colour, not a breed.

you will probably end up with various colors of kittens from solid colors to two or three colors like you could get black and white, gray calico, gray, black, white, and orange and any of these colors could combine together to make a multicolored kittens plus any of these kittens could end up with tabby stripes on them so good luck!

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