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Wisconsin professes to have 15,081 lakes. However, 9,037 of these lakes are unnamed and average roughly four acres in size, leaving only 6,044 that are large enough to be named.

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Q: How many lakes are in Wisconsin?
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Related questions

How many lakes border Wisconsin?

The state of Wisconsin is bordered by two lakes. Both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan border Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Does Minnesota have more lakes than Wisconsin?

Yes. Although both states have many lakes, Minnesota has quite a few more than Wisconsin.

How many lakes are named long lake in Wisconsin?


Which state has more lakes-Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Even though Minnesota is called the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it has less than Wisconsin does. Wisconsin has 15,074 lakes while Minnesota has 11,842.

What two great lakes touch Wisconsin?

Lake Superior and Lake MichiganLake Superiror and Lake Michigan are two great lakes that touch Wisconsin. Keep in mind that there are many bodies of water in Wisconsin, just not great lakes.Wisconsin is bordered by Lake Michigan to the east and Lake Superior to the north.

Two great lakes that border Wisconsin?

The two lakes that border Wisconsin are Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

What is Name the lakes that border Wisconsin?

Two great lakes boarder Wisconsin: Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.

How many lakes are there in Minnesota and Wisconcin?

About 27,000 (12,000 in Minnesota, 15,000 in Wisconsin).

What tow great lakes border Wisconsin?

The tow great lakes that border Wisconsin are lake superior and lake Michigan.

What landforms make up Wisconsin?

The geography of Wisconsin includes a few lakes, as well as many forests and parks. There are also areas of highlands and plains.

What region is Wisconsin in?

The state of Wisconsin is in the MidWest, along with many other states.Wisconsin is a midwest state or some would say a Great Lakes state or a north central state.

What lake is bigger than lake winnebago?

Many lakes are bigger than Lake Winnebago. For example, all of the Great Lakes are; Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Eerie, Ontario. Even though Lake Winnebago is one of the largest lakes in Wisconsin, it isn't on the larger side of many lakes.

What great lakes touched by one or more of the great lakes?

Newyork and wisconsin

What is the coastline for Wisconsin?

Great lakes

What lakes in Wisconsin have leeches?

All of them.

What region is Wisconsin and Michigan in?

Wisconsin and Michigan are Great Lakes states or Midwest states.

Are kettle lakes found in the US?

Yes. There are many in the area around the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin.

Which region is Wisconsin located?

Wisconsin is located in the Midwest and the Greta Lakes region. It has over 14,000 lakes and is where you can see the remnants from the last ice age including the lakes. There is a great park to visit called the Kettle Moraine Park.

What tow grate lakes border Wisconsin?

The two Great lakes that border Wisconsin are: Lake Superior in the north and Lake Michigan on the east.

What are the major lakes and rivers in Wisconsin?

major lakes are lake michigan,lake superior,lake major rivers are wisconsin river,st.croix river,and chippewa river:p

What lake is located north of Wisconsin?

Lake Superior's located north of Wisconsin. It's one of the Great Lakes, which are a group of five large lakes in North America, along or on the Canada-United States border. Along the eastern side of Wisconsin runs Lake Michigan, which is another one of the Great Lakes. Along the western side of Wisconsin runs the Mississippi River.

What is the lakes and rivers in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has many lakes, more so actually than Minnesota (Land of 10,000 Lakes). The largest of which is Lake Winnebago, a superb fishery, known best probably for it's sturgeon population. The Wisconsin River is the state's longest river, running from Lac View Dessert near the northern border of the Upper Peninsula to the southwestern corner of the state where it meets with the Mississippi River at Prairie Du Chien.

What great lakes border Wisconsin?

Lake Michigan borders Wisconsin to the east and Lake Superior to the North.

Does Oprah have a house on the chain of lakes in Waupaca Wisconsin?

green lake

How many miles is it from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Great Lakes North Chicago Illinois?

It is 55.2 miles according to Google Maps.