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If the person is bilingual, then that person can speak, write and research in two languages. A multilingual person can speak as many languages that he/she has learned.

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Q: How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?
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How many languages can a bilingual elf speak?

117 languages

What word means 'able to speak many languages'?


How many languages does a bilingual person speak?

2 languages bi is a prefix which means TWO.

What word means 'able to speak two languages'?

Bilingual means able to speak two languages.

How would you explain bilingualism to children?

Just say 'A bilingual person is one who can speak two languages'. In Europe many people are bilingual, a good many speak three or more languages, especially the Dutch.

What is the meaning of Bilingual?

Bilingual means the ability to speak in two languages.

What is a sentence for the word bilingual?

I speak two languages so I am bilingual. The bilingual countries, such as Canada and Equatorial Guinea, have two official languages.

Does bilingual mean two official languages?

Yes, bilingual means having two languages (such as a country), or in two languages (such as a newspaper, or a translation dictionary).But bilingual can also refer to a person. A person who can speak any two languages fluently is said to be bilingual, and if they can speak more than two languages fluently, they are multilingual.

How many languages does the average person speak?

Most people in the world are bilingual at least.

What do you call People who speak 2 languages?


How do you become bilingual?

Bilingual means you can speak two languages so you become bilingual by learning another language.

What is bylingual?

Bilingual refers to the ability to speak and understand two languages fluently. A person who is bilingual is proficient in both languages and can switch between them as needed. Being bilingual can provide individuals with many advantages, such as increased job opportunities and the ability to engage with different cultures.