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Q: How many laugauges has Michael Morpurgo has his books been transted to?
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Where does michael morpurgo work?

Michael Morpurgo works at home. Michael is an American author and works at his home writing books and other works.

How many Michael Morpurgo books got published?

Michael Morpurgo has published 93 books, and loads yet to come.

Where did Michael Morpurgo write books?

on Mars

What did Michael Morpurgo write?

Kids books

Where did Michael Morpurgo get his inspiration for books?

Aryan Akhgar

When did Michael Morpurgo start publishing his books?


Where does Michael Morpurgo get ideas for his books?

the world around him

Did Michael Morpurgo like writing books?


Are Michael morpurgo stories true?

No, his books are fiction.

What is Michael Morpurgo most famous for?

his children's books

How many books has Michael Morpurgo writing for?


Where does Micheal morpurgo get his inspiration from?

Michael Morpurgo gets his ideas from school, the books he reads and his imagination