How many lb ham will feed 28 people?

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How many people would a 12lb ham feed?

If it is a boneless ham, figure on it feeding 24 to 28 people. If it is a bone-in ham, I guess it might feed 18 to 20, but that depends on how big the bone actually is.

When was Pepijn van Ham born?

Pepijn van Ham was born on February 28, 1991.

How many pounds of peanuts do you need to feed 400 people?

A serving size of peanuts is one ounce. One ounce contains approximately 28 peanuts. There are 16 ounces in one pound, so one pound of peanuts will feed 16 people. To feed 400 people you will need 25 pounds of peanuts.

How many 21 to 28 oz cans of baked beans do you need to feed 70 people as a side dish?

You need about 10 twenty eight ounce cans

How much protein in a slice of ham?

4.6 grams in a 28 gram slice

How many people is 28 percent out of 200 people?

56 people

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28 people signed it

How many people compete in archery in the Olympics?

28 people

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If there 28 handshakes how many people are at the party?

29 People including You.

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28% of the people

How many pounds of cole slaw to feed 150 people?

It will take approximately 25 pounds of cole slaw to feed 150 people. Each five-pound back should serve 30 people.

How many people die from bronchitis?

28 percent

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How many people will 7lbs of boneless skinnless shredded chicken feed?

1 pound of shredded meat makes about 4 sandwiches, so 4 times 7 equals around 28 people, assuming everybody eats one sandwich.

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its raining cats and dogs!!! i like ham i also think she farts

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How long will a puppy stay if you cannot feed her?

28 hours

How long do you bake a 9 lbs ham for?

According to the FDA, 22-26 minutes per pound for a full bone-in ham and 24-28 minutes per pound for a boneless.

What are the release dates for Dragnet - 1951 The Big Ham 3-22?

Dragnet - 1951 The Big Ham 3-22 was released on: USA: 28 January 1954

How many 2 person conversations are possible at a party of 28 people?

28*27/2 = 378

How many pounds of tomato sauce do you needed to make spaghetti sauce to feed 80 people?

Twenty 28 oz. cans of tomatoes should be enough. However, I'd use 25. Twenty 28 oz. cans of tomatoes should be enough. However, I'd use 25.

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