How many legal guns are there in the us?

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No exact record, since there is no requirement to register guns in MOST of the US. One estimate is 312 million owned by ordinary people.There are an estimated 200 million legal guns in the United States.
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How many gun owners are there in the US?

Answer . According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were about 215 million privately owned guns in 1999. The NRA estimates that half of all American households (total US population is 294 million) have at least one gun owner. Numbers vary, but estimates are 70-8 ( Full Answer )

Are airsoft guns legal in the US without a license?

Legality of Air Soft Guns . Yes, they are legal; however some cities have regulations about shooting them within city limits. They also have to have a red tip on them for people to distinguish between real guns and the others.

How many guns in the US?

At the last NGC ( National Gun Census) in April 2007, it was recorded that, on average, there is about 178,000,000 lisenced firearms in the USA, although it is believed there is a further 50% that are unlisenced.. No license is required to own a gun in most states, so it would be interesting to kno ( Full Answer )

Are machine guns legal to own in the US?

Yes. However legal machine guns are very tightly controlled. States and local governments can make their own laws that are more restrictive, so that is not true everywhere. Federal law requires that you apply for a "transfer tax stamp" which requires a fair amount of paperwork, background chec ( Full Answer )

What is the Legal age to own a gun in US?

18 for long guns. 21 for hand guns. --- Actually, those are the ages for purchasing from a dealer. Federal law does not list an age limit for possession of long guns and lists 18 as the age limit for possession of handguns -- though you will not be able to buy ammo for a handgun until age 21.

How many murders in US by guns?

hundreds every day!!!. Sigh. More BS hype. According to the FBI, in 2005, there were about 16,700 murders in the U.S. This includes murders by all types of weapons. 16,692 divided by 365 days is only a little over 45 each day, and that includes all types of weapons. In 2006, the number of murders i ( Full Answer )

Are stun gun legal in the US?

Yes they are legal in most states except for a few. They are illegal or have some restrictions in the following States: . HAWAII . ILLINOIS . MASSACHUSETTS . MICHIGAN . NEW JERSEY . NEW YORK . RHODE ISLAND . WISCONSIN

How many guns are regestered in the US?

This question continues to come up, with great regularity. In most U.S. states, there is no registration, regardless of what anybody tells you. "Register you gun" is something people say because they have heard it on TV. There are 3 or 4 states that require registration, but the other 46 or 47 state ( Full Answer )

How many people use guns?

Between half and three fourths of people in the US. It is different in other countries.

Legal age to use BB gun?

It all depends on where you live. In most places you must be 18 to purchase a BB gun but you can use one at any age with adult supervision.

Who uses guns legally?

police, SWAT team, military, peopple like that.. And plenty of people that aren't any of those use guns legally also. I use a gun legally every day. Shooting instructors, target shooters, competitors in shooting competitions, hunters, collectors, people who use guns for self defense; those all come ( Full Answer )

How many registered guns are in the US?

Unless stolen before making it to a retailer, they all are when bought. --- Firearms are not registered when sold by retailers (FFL dealers) unless they are required to be registered in a particular state. And the registration is usually done by the local police department in those states. F ( Full Answer )

Why are guns legal?

Well for one thing you have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And another thing - Why not??? before america was born. when it was just an idea the only thing keeping that idea alive was the muskets the resistance group would carry. and without that america would have died a long ( Full Answer )

How many gun dealers are there in US?

1. There are currently 140,000 registered firearms sellers in theUnited States (source: Arming America, Origins of a National GunCulture) The statistic information above should be explained further.According ATF publication "Firearms Commerce in the United States:Annual Statistical Update 2014", the ( Full Answer )

Which guns are legal?

That will depend on where you are located. The term legal means that something complies with a law- and those laws vary from country to country, and state to state. Without knowing WHICH laws, there is no answer to that question. Sorry-

How many legal Mexicans are there in the US?

If you mean Mexican-Americans, being those people who were born inthe US from Mexican parents, or have been granted "the green card",those would be approximately 34 million, or 10.9% of totalpopulation.

How many illegal guns are in the US?

None. When made, 99.9% are legal, no matter where made. Just because it's against the law for YOU to own it doesn't make the weapon illegal. Technically the above is correct however as guns are not required to be registered in all states it is impossible to say how many are owned legally. Guns th ( Full Answer )

How many legal citizens in US?

There are currently over 300 million legal citizens in the UnitedStates. The world population is over 1 billion people.

What is the legal age to use an air gun on your own land?

You don't need a specific age, but it says on the package that you have to be a specific age to shoot the air-gun, usually 15-18 depending on how strong the air-gun is. and if its on your own land, you can generally be any age, just so long by land you mean your own old do have to be t ( Full Answer )

How many gun stores are in the US?

1n 1994 @ 246K people had FFL's. Thanks to former President, Bill Clinton and the Congress of that era there are now less than 50k people with FFL's. Not all of those ran a "store".

Is it legal to enter US with airsoft gun or not?

This is a question best directed to an official of the Customs service. Likewise, any US embassy or consulate may be contacted which should be able to answer the question for you. Certain forms may need to be filled out beforehand. One problem which may arise is that most airsoft guns outside the US ( Full Answer )

How many ulicensed gun in us?

In MOST of the US, there is no requirement to license or register guns. If they are not registered, there is no way to know how many there are. in 2004, it was estimated that private citizens in the US owned 192 million firearms- the number is higher now.

What is the legal age to buy a gun in the US?

18 for Title 1 rifles and shotguns, 21 for Title 1 handguns, and any Title II items (full auto weapons, short barreled rifles/shotguns, AOW, destructive devices, etc.)

Can a US civilian legally own a submachine gun?

Yes. To be transferrable, the firearm must have been manufactured and imported prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968 (for imported weapons), or have been manufactured prior to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (for domestically manufactured weapons, including imported weapons which were made ( Full Answer )

How many US homes have guns?

Many homes have guns, though mostly in rural areas. There are also a number of people who posess guns illegaly as well as those who have a legal contract to own one. Added: (in the US) Gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right, and since no law requires gun owners to register their fir ( Full Answer )

What are all the machine guns a US citizen can own legally?

For imported machine guns, anything which was imported and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. For domestically manufactured weapons (including imported weapons which have had parts replaced with a sufficient number of parts to not be considered imported under 922r), ( Full Answer )

Can a US citizen ever legally own an automatic gun?

I assume you mean a fully automatic firearm- commonly known as a machinegun- and the answer is yes, they can. While a few states do not permit ownership of machineguns by private citizens, most do. Transfer of ownership of a full auto must be made through a dealer that holds a "Class III" endorsemen ( Full Answer )

What is the legal age to use a gun in the US?

There is no minimum age while you are under instruction from an adult, with the approval of your parents. Different states have different ages for using a gun alone (such as hunting)

Are machine guns legal in the us?

Yes, but they are highly restricted by laws passed in 1934, 1968, and 1986. The paperwork to possess a machine gun takes months to be processed. Possession without this paperwork is a federal felony worth 10 years in federal prison.

How many legally owned guns in US?

No way to answer your question. In the US, there is no requirement under Federal law to register firearms, so no records of how many guns total, It is estimated that at least 25% of US households have at least one firearm.

What is the best legal gun in US?

"Best" is much too subjective a term. What's 'best' depends on what you're using it for, and how you would define best.

Is the Powell gun knife legal in the US?

Under Federal law, it is a title 1 firearm, and can be sold like any handgun. Your state laws may vary. Company is no longer is business.

Is it legal to have guns in US?

Yes. more citizens there own them than any other country. it is basic right protected by our constitution. There is nothing wrong with legal ownership of guns and helps keep our Government our Government and not let it become something else. With over 80 million gun owners owning over 800 million gu ( Full Answer )

How many gun owners are there in us?

We do not know an exact number, since there is no licensing of gun owners on a national basis. It is estimated that roughly 1/3rd of all households in the US own at least 1 firearm. The percentage will very sharply by location. New York City- very rare. Rural Tennessee, very common.

How many of the US have legalized marijuana?

18+ States have been legalized Marijuana. They are: . California . Alaska . Oregon . Washington . Maine . Colorado . Hawaii . Nevada . Montana . Rhode Island . New Mexico . Vermont . Michigan . Arizona . New Jersey . Delaware . Washington DC . Connecticut . Massachusetts

How many gun vendors in us?

As of 2012, there were 51,438 retail gun stores, and 7,356 pawn shops with a gun dealer's license. There are about 62,000 collectors with a Federal Firearms license.