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Two. One on the front, and one on the back.

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Q: How many license plates are you required to display on a vehicle in the state o Wisconsin?
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How many license plates are you required to display on a vehicle in New York?


Is front license plate required in Connecticut?

This is from the CT DMV website:How many license plates am I required to display on my vehicle?For passenger and most other types of registrations, you will be issued two plates. State law requires that you display one on the front and one on the back of the vehicle.

How many license plates are you required to display on a Commercial vehicle in Texas?

One on the front of the tractor, and one on the rear of the trailer.

What is required to drive a vehicle?

A license, a vehicle, and insurance.

Does Montana require 2 license plates on a vehicle?

WHATEVER state you live in - if the state issues two license plates you will be required to display both of them! One of them on the front - one on the rear!

How many license plates are required to display on a vehicle in South Dakota?

You need to have front and rear plates displayed in South Dakota. Most states require you to display two license plates. Twenty states allow rear plates only.

Can the police in Wisconsin pull over a vehicle that is licensed in Illinois because the owner has a revoked license in Wisconsin?

That would be an ineresting situation since both the driver and his vehicle need to be registered and licensed within the state of the driver's/owner's legal residence. In other words, the holder of a Wisconsin driver's license is supposed to be a resident of Wisconsin and, consequently, is supposed to register his vehicle in Wisconsin.

Can you display a license plate on the front of a vehicle in Florida from another state or country?

Yes you can.

How many license plates do you need in Wisconsin?

2 one in front of vehicle and one in the back

How many license plates are you required to display on a vehicle in the state of Illinois?

Legally, I think it's only one, obviously on the back But most people pit one on the front too

Is a front license plate required for your personal vehicle in Missouri?


Do you need wedding car license?

Business of Wedding Cars in London does not require any particular license but the chauffeur license is required to drive a vehicle.

Do you need a license to buy a car in florida?

The Florida Highway Safety Motor Vehicle website makes no claim that a license is required to buy a vehicle. Obviously you must have a license to drive one, but owning a car is legal without a license.

What documents are you legally required to have when operating a motor vehicle?

In all 50 states, you are required to provide proof of insurance, registration, and a current driver license for the vehicle you are operating.

What vehicle needs no plate to be on the road?

U.S. Postal service LLV is the only vehicle I know of that is not required to have a license plate.

Can you display your front license plate in the windshield in Connecticut?

It must be permanently affixed at bumper height to the front of your vehicle.

Do you need a valid license to register your vehicle?

No. A driver's license is not required to register a vehicle. There are many reasons why a person without a license might own a car. It could be an elderly person who has someone drive them around or a company car...

Is a valid license required to purchase a car?

Yes, you must have a valid driver's license to purchase a vehicle....from a dealer. If you purchase from a private party (like a used vehicle), they don't require a valid driver's license. But you will be required to have one if you register the vehicle. *** I work in the home health industry, and we have several clients who own there own vehicles but no longer have a license. They keep the vehicles so that they can be driven to appointments and do errands.

What are the requirements for getting a Vehicle Dealer License in California?

The requirements for getting a Vehicle Dealer License in California can be found on the DMV website. Some of the linked documents can be found on the website for information. Some of the examples of what is required are the vehicle dealer handbook and the original dealer license forms.

How many license plates are required on a car in NC?

You only need one on the rear of the vehicle.

Is your vehicle required to get an emissions test if registered in Milwaukee, WI?

Yes, according to the Wisconsin Department of transportation website.

Do you need a license for a Vespa in Texas?

Yes, a motorcycle license is required. Also the vehicle must be registered, pass safety inspection and have insurance.

Do you need a license to open cars not to make keys?

There is no license required, however if you break into someone's vehicle by mistake, your probably going to jail.

How do you get insurance on your drivers license?

You can get a non-owner insurance policy that essentially covers you when you have no vehicle. This is usually needed if you are required to have insurance and you do not own a vehicle.

Do you need to be license operate a forklift in a business area?

If it's going to be operated on public roadways, you do, and the vehicle needs to display a license plate. If it's solely on private property, no.