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approximately 1-2 litres of water is needed to flush a toilet.

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Q: How many liters is used to flush a school toilet in Singapore?
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How much water is used for a conservation toilet flush?

3 liters

How many liters of water to flush toilet?

Between 6 and 9 litres depending on the age of your toilet.

How many liters per toilet flush?

It depends how big your cistern is. Modern dual-flush toilets have a minimum flush of 6 liters. There are 1000 milliliters in one liter, so the flush would contain 6000 ml.

How much water does a dual flush toilet use?

Dual flush toilets usually use 3 and 6 liters of water depending on which way you push the flush handle - 3 liters for a little job and 6 liters for a major event. Single low-flush toilets use either 4.5 liters or 6 liters.

How many liters of water are used to flush a toilet?

It can take a rough average of between 6 and 18 liters (litres) of water to flush a household toilet. This is dependant on many factors though.Usually, most toilets average around 6 litres, but they vary. The numbers of gallons and litres are usually behind the cover to the toilet.

What happens when you flush the toilet in a blackout?

you flush the toilet

How much water is saved per flush with a high efficiency toilet?

about 8 liters

What do you use the toilet paper for in riddle school 3?

flush it down the toilet in the boys bathroom and then click the flusher

When did John Harringtoninvent the first flush toilet?

He Invented The First Flush Toilet In 1568.

What to do after you flush the thumb drive in the toilet in shrink ray?

you go back to the school and save the girl

What happens if you don't flush a toilet?

Well, it depends how many times you don't flush a toilet. If you don't flush it one time, nothing happens. But if you don't flush it for a month or something, and then you finally flush it, it may get clogged with toilet paper.

Will Emily osment go to college to learn how to flush a toilet ow to flush a toilet?