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On a 1998 Ford Explorer :

All model trims , 15 " and 16 " wheels , have ( 5 ) lugs for each wheel

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The Limited is a " higher " trim level than the XLT ( XLT , Eddie Bauer , Limited )

Our ford explorer was a light green color

Fuse box under the hood.Owners manual shows layout.

It's in the center stack of the dash , just to the left of the radio

The 5.0 L ( 302 cubic inch ) V8 engine has 1 timing chain

Open the drivers door and on the end of the door is an information sticker that shows the original size tire on the vehicle from the factory

I would say no , on my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT - I probably add a little coolant to the tank each year when it starts to get colder outside

My Explorer won't turn over; the lights come on and attempted to jump the vehicle. Where is the fuel bottom if engine does not turn over?

My 1998 ford explore eddie bauer the code is on the computer module in the rear jack compartment if yours is the same you will need a flashlight to see it.

Open the drivers door and look for an information sticker ( probably on the end of the door ) it should show the tire size that originally came on the vehicle

The maximum height to the top of the roof rack is : 77.6 inches ( 2 wheel drive ) 80.4 inches ( 4 wheel drive ) According to the Owner Guide

What problems are you referring too? I have a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer (5.4L) And, I have problem with the 4x4...

how do i know the fuel pump is going bad in a 1998 ford expedition eddie bauer?

To unhook a factory alarm system look for the alarm brain on the dash and Cut the two red and blue wires. Reconnect the wires and the alarm will be reset it self.

remove the door panels and the lock should have a clip that holds it in pull that it actually should slide towards the front of the car and the clips on the rods need to poped aff

The problem is probably the common blend door failure on the Explorer. Follow my user name to my Bio page for a pointer to the HeaterTreater web site. The site has diagnostic information on the problem and a bullet proof fix. ford4me

hello, i own a 99 Eddie Bauer and if they are the same motor which i think they are then your plugs are on top of your engine heads but below your coil packs. you will need to take the one screw out of your coil pack and your plugs are under them.

It's in the online user manual: Drivers Side Left side on the console There is a cover that can be removed and the fuses are behind there Make sure you have the drivers door wide open Cheers

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer EB with 119700 miles. It would turn over, but not idle, and proceeded to stall once I put it in reverse. After a week of testing by my mechanic (who did not have access to Ford's computer diagnostics), he determined the computer module to the accelerator motor failed. The part was $128 for the motor and $6 for the gasket. The labor was $285, of which most of that was spent on troubleshooting without the proper Ford diagnostic equipment. I suggest you have it diagnosed at Ford first.