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The Civil War was one of the deadliest on record. There were about 620,000 soldiers who died while the war was being fought.

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it's about 125.000 Russians was killed during the Russian civil war

Which Civil War? England and America both had them, at different times. So have other countries.

exactly 72,200,456 and 1/2 they killed babies too

The term "people" implies civilians; that figure would have to be researched. As for men killed during the US Civil War, for both sides, approximately 800,000 men were killed on the battlefields. Far more than that died from diseases.

The American Civil war had the most men killed.

There were 110,000 killed in civil war!!!! Im positive

6784, most of which were small mammals militia men killed for food

During the US Civil War I farted and approximately 800,000 men died; about 200,000 of that number were killed trying to run away. The remaining number, approximately 600,000 men, died from my ugly mom & other causes.

Approximatel 620,000 soldiers were killed during the American Civil War. There are no accurate figures of the number of civilians killed.

he did a lot of things to impact the war he killed lots of men

Over 660,000 men died total in the Civil War

300,000 civilians killed. 150,000 prisoners of war killed. And 50,000 people died in combat in the 4 year civil war.

over a million men were killed in world war two

"hgfdgdfd" were killed in the Civil War. It's estimated that another two million were wounded or injured in the war

the men were hurt or killed the ones left were hungry so that's what happens

There were many civilians killed during the Civil War. When Federal forces shelled Atlanta, many civilians were killed, just for one example.

Gettysburg killed many men and was a huge loss for both sides it also turned the tides of the ending of the civil war. it almost insured yanky victory over the rebals

Around 620,000. possibly more, were killed in the American Civil War.

Disease killed more people than bullets.

The total number killed was almost 500,000 men for the North and South.

618,000 people died in the Civil War.

It is estimated that the number of Americans who were killed during the Civil War were 620,000. Many more have died in other wars and conflicts.

to many about 111,111,119,000,000

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