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How many miles away is the Mexican border from Los Angeles?

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Aprox 125 miles

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How far is las Vegas from the Mexican border?

Las Vegas is 558 Kilometers (347 miles) away from the US-Mexico Border. Specifically from Tijuana, Mexico which is the closest Mexican city to Las Vegas.

How many miles from Canada border and Mexico?

255485 miles away

What city does not lie near the Mexican border San Diego El Paso Las Cruces or San Antonio?

San Antonio is the only city more than 100 miles away from the US-Mexico border.

How far away is Riverside CA from the border of Mexico?

Riverside California is about 110 miles away from the Mexican boarder. In travel time that equates to just under two hours. This however is the most direct route.

Which city lies near the Mexican border El Paso San Francisco Laredo?

The Mexican cities across the border for the places you just asked are: El Paso, TX: Ciudad Juarez Laredo, TX: Nuevo Laredo San Francisco, California is some 765 kilometers (475 miles) away from the border. I guess you were meaning San Diego, California which is across the border to Tijuana.

How many miles away is Fresno from Los Angeles?

There are 209 miles betweenLA and Fresno

How many miles away is Bakersfield from Los Angeles?

It is 113.72 miles according to MapQuest.

How many miles is Eminence Missouri away from Los angeles Ca?

1747 miles

What city lies near the mexican border?

San Diego. Only 2 hours away.

Where in Los Angeles does tyga live?

In los angeles california 2 miles away from the hollywood sign

How many miles is it from downtown los angeles ca to egypt in africa?

about a million miles away

How many miles is Indiana away from Kentucky?

They share a common border.

Is san francisco near Los Angeles?

It is 381 miles away

What cities are 50 miles away from Los Angeles?

riverside, ca

How many miles away is Texas from Indiana?

You can make the border from Evansville in about 560 miles. Gary to Brownsville is 1439 miles.

How far is it to get to pa from spring field Illinois?

You can make the western border in just over 500 miles, but the eastern border is another 280 miles away.

How far from HOuston to Florida if driving?

You can make the border in about 500 miles. Miami is 1200 miles away.

How many miles away is the Philippines from California?

Los Angeles to Manila is 11,737 km (7293 miles).

How far away is Canada from Phoenix AZ?

You can make the border in about 1400 miles.

How far away is Walt Disney World from the Florida border?

1,000,000 miles

How many miles is between Maine and Quincy Massachusetts on a map?

You can make the border in about 70 miles. Bangor is 244 miles away.

What is the distance from Ottawa Canada to New York?

You can make the border in about 60 miles. Manhattan is 440 miles away.

How long is from Los Angeles to boltimore?

Baltimore is By walking: 2,666 miles, or 874 hours By bicycle: 3,132 miles, or 264 hours By car: 2,703 miles, or 39 hours away from Los Angeles.

How many miles is it from Mount Rushmore South Dakota to North Dakota?

It's about 150 miles to the border; Bismarck is 339 miles away.

Are butterfly knives illegal a few miles away from the border of a state they are illegal in?