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How many miles between Clermont Florida and Havana Florida?


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It is 251 miles according to Google Maps.


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It is 249.35 miles according to MapQuest

The driving distance from Clermont, Florida to Homosassa, Florida is about 70 miles.

333 miles from Tampa to havana

It is 76.3 miles according to Google Maps.

If one draws a straight line, as for air travel, between Fort Myers, Florida and Havana, Cuba, it would be approximately 234 miles, which could be covered by commerical jetliner in around 30 minutes.

Key West is closer to Miami at 160 miles compared to Havana which is approx 262 miles.

The southernmost point of Florida (the south point of Key West) is approximately 90 miles (140 kilometers) from Havana.

Havana is one city located in Cuba. The distance between Key West Florida and Havana Cuba is 104.97 miles. This is based on airline mileage.

Havana, Cuba is about 490 miles from Merida, Mexico

There are about 508.839 miles between Havana and Guantanamo Bay.

227.76 miles from Havana Cuba to Miami Florida

It is 76.95 miles according to MapQuest.

228 Miles from Miami to Havana

It is 1,095 miles according to Google Maps.

90 from Key West, which is the closest point, about another 50 to the mainland.

Key West is 129 miles (207 km) southwest (229.9 degrees) of Miami, Florida,[4] (about 160 driving miles) and 106 miles (170 km) north-northeast (21.2 degrees) of Havana, Cuba.[5] Cuba, at its closest point, is 94 statute (81 nautical) miles south

Air distance between Havana, Cuba and Cancun, the closest point in Mexico, is 317 miles. That is 510 kilometers. It is 275 nautical miles.

500 miles between Florida Georgia?

Havana, Cuba - 278.4 square miles.

The flight distance from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Havana, Cuba is 249 miles.

The driving distance in miles between Orlando, Florida, and the Florida Keys is 379 miles.

The distance is straight path from one place to another place. There might be slight difference between the actual distance and the above mentioned distance because of the route chosen.The distance between the above mentioned places is 228 miles approximately.

The distance between the two cities' major airports is about 4,605 air miles.

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