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The driving distance from Leicester, United Kingdom to Munich, Germany is 820 miles.


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The distance from Leicester to Birmingham is about 40 miles

Leicester is 131 miles (211 kilometers) from the city of Bangor, Wales, UK.

how many kilomiters from munich to stuttgart

how many miles fromSeattle WA to Munich Germany

Distance from Madrid to Munich is: 802 (air miles). = =

The air distance from Paris, France, to Leicester, England, is 303 miles. That equals 487 kilometers or 263 nautical miles.

The driving distance from Durham, UK to Leicester, UK is 172.05mi / 276.88km

66 miles taking this route:Take M54 to the EAST from Telford to M6 EAST in BirminghamTake M6 to M69 to LEICESTER at JUNCTION 2.Take M69 to Leicester.

not sure about miles, but about 2 1/2 hours.

From City Centre to City Centre is 38 miles.

The shortest driving distance is 161 miles.

The flight distance from London Heathrow Airport to Munich, Germany is about 585 miles.

Munich is in Bavaria. In fact, it is the capital.

No. Leicester is in Leicestershire - about 150 miles from Kent.

From Nottingham to Leicester it's about 31 miles, depending on where from in Nottingham to where in Leicester.

By road about 76.5 miles depending on the route you take. By a "crow" 53.5 miles

The town of Leicester is about 100 miles north of London.

Munich to Tegel, Berlin - 300 MI/ 483 KM

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