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It is 464 miles according to Google Maps.

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What is the distance in miles between Logan Utah and Pocatello Idaho?

If you take I-5 North, it will be about 105 miles. And about 1 hour and 40 minutes driving.

What is distance from Bozeman Montana to Moab Utah?

It is about 641 miles via Pocatello and Salt Lake City.

How many miles is it from Casper Wyoming to Pocatello Idaho?

527 miles taking this route:Take WYO-220 WEST from Casper to U.S. 287. Continue STRAIGHT on U.S. 287 SOUTH to RAWLINS.Take U.S. 287 SOUTH to I-80 WEST in Rawlins. Follow signs to I-80 WEST.Take I-80 WEST across to I-84 WEST to OGDEN at EXIT 168 in UTAH.Take I-84 WEST to I-15 NORTH to POCATELLO.Continue on I-15 NORTH to Pocatello.

Is Idaho south of Utah?

No Idaho is North of Utah.

What city is 315 miles South of Idaho falls id on you-15?

I believe you are referring to 'Meadow, Utah'. I could not find a town exactly 315 miles south of Idaho Falls, Idaho on I-15, but there is a town that is 316.7 miles south of Idaho Falls, Idaho named 'Meadow, Utah'. This is probably the town that you are referring to. Of course, that may vary according to how the distance is measured.

How many miles from Logan Utah to St George Utah?

It is 383 miles according to Google Maps.

How many miles from Salt Lake City Utah to Idaho?

It's under 100 miles to the border.

What is the distance from Pleasant Grove to St George Utah?

270 Miles from Pleasant Grove to St George Utah.

Where in the entire state of Idaho is Boise?

It is in Southwest Idaho, about 54 miles on Interstate 84 from the Oregon border (west) and about 231 miles (on the interstate) from the Utah border to the south.

What is the distance from Boise Idaho to Moab Utah?

It is 571 miles according to Google Maps.

How long is the drive between Boise Idaho and Provo Utah?

It is 382.59 miles according to MapQuest.

How far is Saint George Utah from Salt Lake City?

That would be about 298 miles from Saint George to Salt Lake City Utah.

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