How many miles is France from California?


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About 5,000 miles.

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The air distance from Los Angeles, California -- where many film-related events are held -- to Cannes, France -- where a world-renowned film festival is held yearly -- is 6,077 miles. that equals 9,780 kilometers or 5,281 nautical miles.

The distance from Los Angeles to Paris is 5661 miles (9110 km).

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How many miles is it from Pawcatuck, CT to France?

The air distance from Santa Monica, California, to Paris, France, is 5,668 miles. That equals 9,121 kilometers or 4,925 nautical miles.

California has about 800 miles of shoreline.

California is about 163,696 square miles.

There are 158.7 miles to France from Barcelona.

how many miles is it by road from France calais to Italy

Anywhere from 105 miles to 760 miles, depending on where in France you start from.

the state of California is 840 miles long.

There are a total of 2714.1845 miles of beach in California

California, USA - 163,696 square miles.

California, USA - 163,696 square miles

The distance between Los Angeles, California and Paris, France is 5661 miles (9110 km).

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The California trail is about 600 miles long.

It is about 2,919 miles from New York to California.

There are 2,498 air miles between California and Hawaii.

California is 770 miles long at its widest points.

France covers 213,011 sq. miles. It is smaller than Texas (268,580 sq. miles) but larger than California (163,695 sq. miles)

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