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About 5,000 miles.

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Q: How many miles is France from California?
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How many miles form California to cannes France?

The air distance from Los Angeles, California -- where many film-related events are held -- to Cannes, France -- where a world-renowned film festival is held yearly -- is 6,077 miles. that equals 9,780 kilometers or 5,281 nautical miles.

How many miles to California from ellinwood?

How many miles are from ellinwood to California

How many air miles from Southern California to Paris France?

The distance from Los Angeles to Paris is 5661 miles (9110 km).

How many miles from Santa Monica to Paris?

The air distance from Santa Monica, California, to Paris, France, is 5,668 miles. That equals 9,121 kilometers or 4,925 nautical miles.

Miles from Connecticut to France?

How many miles is it from Pawcatuck, CT to France?

How many miles of shoreline does California have?

California has about 800 miles of shoreline.

Many miles from Sacramento California to Fairfield California?

It is about 43 miles.

How many miles is Oakland California from Fresno California?

181 miles

How many squale miles is California?

California is about 163,696 square miles.

How many miles from Barcelona Spain to France?

There are 158.7 miles to France from Barcelona.

How many miles from St Tropez France to Nice France?

69 miles

How many miles long is California?

the state of California is 840 miles long.

How many miles from calais France to Italy by road?

how many miles is it by road from France calais to Italy

How many miles are there from France to London?

Anywhere from 105 miles to 760 miles, depending on where in France you start from.

How many road miles from coalinga California to Sacramento California?

195 miles

How many miles from Patterson California to San Diego California?

About 422 miles.

How many miles is it from San Francisco California to Tracy California?

About 62 miles.

How many miles of beaches in California?

There are a total of 2714.1845 miles of beach in California

How many miles between Burlingame California and Berkeley California?

20.45 miles

How many miles between stockton California and redding California?

188.81 miles

How many miles between Sacramento California and Stockton California?

43.14 miles

How many miles between Pittsburgh California and Richmond California?

25.31 miles

How many miles between Menifee California and Corona California?

26.23 miles

How many miles between eureka California and monterey California?

350.64 miles

How many miles between Fresno California and Bakersfield California?

361.13 miles