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How many miles is it between Bangor Maine and New York City?

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What is the mileage between Bangor Maine and New York City?

It is 445.06 miles according to MapQuest.

How many miles between Portland Maine and Bangor Maine?

Total distance depends on the exact location in each city. From Portland-Westbrook to Bangor is 166 driving miles on the Maine Turnpike (interstate 95.) Around 130 miles using 295 to 95.

What is the distance between Salt Lake City Utah and Bangor Maine?

It is 2,599.09 miles according to MapQuest.

Is Bangor a capital city?

No. Augusta is the capital of Maine. Bangor is just a city in Maine.

How many miles from Bangor Maine to Dade City Florida?

1558 miles according to google maps

What is the name of City on penobscot river?

Bangor, Maine

A city in the US that starts with a b?

Bangor, Maine

The city of Bangor is on the Penobscot River of what state?


On which river is the city of Bangor Maine located?

The Penobscot River.

What city is Stephen King living in today?

Bangor, Maine

What are the Cities in Maine that begin with the letter b?

Bangor is a city in Maine. It begins with the letter B.

What stores are there in bangor Maine?

Bangor is a fair-sized city; it has all the normal assortment of stores, shops and restaurants.

How do you get from Quebec City Canada to Bangor Maine?

By land, sea or air.

What is the city that was called the pine lumber capital of the world?

Bangor Maine

What is the driving distance between Bangor ME and Quebec City?

Using current road systems and with optimal road conditions the distance between Quebec City and Bangor Maine can be driven in approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes. See the link below for details.

What is Maine's easternmost US city?

Bangor, Maine is the easternmost city in the United States. Houlton, Maine is the easternmost town in the United States.

What city was Paul Bunyan born in?

Paul was allegedly born in Bangor, Maine.

What is the distance in miles between the capital city of Connecticut and the capital city of Maine?

Hartford, Connecticut is 255 miles from Augusta, Maine via I-95.

How many hours to drive from Quebec City Quebec to Bangor Maine?

About 8 hours.

How long does it take to drieve from Bangor Maine to New York City?

about 7 hours

What city drops a green beach ball decorated with Christmas lights?

Bangor, Maine

How many miles from Bangor Gwynedd to Issoire France?

Its 6014 Miles to the City

What is the mileage between Portland Maine and New York City?

From New York City, New York to Portland, Maine is about 320 miles.

What is the third largest city in Maine?

The three largest cities in Maine are (in terms of population) ...1. Portland2. Lewiston3. Bangor

What is the driving distance between Augusta Maine and Quebec City?

222 miles